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Hearing Aid Technology That Would Appeal To Youth

It can be hard for adults to accept they have hearing loss when told by their audiologist. For young people facing hearing loss, it can be even more difficult, since they likely didn’t expect to deal with hearing loss until decades later, if at all. So if your child is fighting the use of hearing […]

Diagnosis Of Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) From A Dr. Of Audiology

The ability to hear and process sound is an ability many people take for granted. Those who struggle with an auditory processing disorder (APD) have intact hearing structures but have a hard time understanding the sounds they hear. There are variations on how much an individual is affected by APD, so it is necessary to […]

Advancements In Hearing Aid Tech

Thanks to advancing technology, gone are the days of the bulky, beeping hearing aid. Today’s hearing aids are smaller, more precise, and less noticeable than ever. And best of all, they help people hear better. But lucky for us, it won’t end there. If today’s hearing aids are this amazing, imagine what could be coming […]

The Unspoken Difficulties of Progressive Hearing Loss

Progressive hearing loss is aptly named. It can come on so subtly, and advance so slowly that people don’t realize what is happening until it begins having a major impact on their lives. If an aging loved one has ever experienced progressive hearing loss, you might have seen how difficult it was for them to […]

How An Audiologist Differs From An ENT Professional

You may know the basics of what an audiologist is, but have also heard they different than an ears, nose and throat (ENT) physician. Is it just a case of “A rose by any other name” or is there a difference you should be concerned with? We’ve got that answer and more that you probably […]

Teens & Their Rock Music – The Loudest Bands Of All Time

In 1972 the band Deep Purple was awarded the Guinness Book of World Records honor of being named the loudest band in the world. During a performance in London they were found to have reached levels of 117 dB. Not only was that a dangerous level to achieve, but it knocked three fans attending the […]

Why Our Ears Are Shaped This Way, A Science Project For The Kids

It may be summer break, but it is never a wrong time for learning something new. Beat the heat with this fun science project that will show your kids how ears are formed, and why our own have evolved to operate and look the way they do. Ears, Big and Small The size of our […]

Everyday Sounds & Their Damaging Decibel Levels

Unless you have hearing loss or have seen a change in how well you hear, chances are you don’t pay a whole lot of attention to your hearing on a daily basis. Perhaps you would even admit to taking it for granted. If that’s the case, you would be in the company of the majority […]

Why Certain Sounds Give You Chills

There are just some sounds that make everyone cringe. Nails on a chalkboard, metal dragged on metal, children screaming, those sounds have the power to make us cringe even remembering them and make us think that skipping the audiologist would be just fine (but don’t do it!). But why do some sounds give us the […]

Looking To The Future Of Audio Technology

As technological advancements are made, hearing aids continue to improve in both style and available capabilities. As the tech field isn’t slowing down, here are some future developments you can also look for in the coming years. Connection Improvements As wireless technology advances, those improvements will benefit those who need hearing aids. Some wireless advancements […]