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Everyday Sounds & Their Damaging Decibel Levels

Unless you have hearing loss or have seen a change in how well you hear, chances are you don’t pay a whole lot of attention to your hearing on a daily basis. Perhaps you would even admit to taking it for granted. If that’s the case, you would be in the company of the majority […]

Why Certain Sounds Give You Chills

There are just some sounds that make everyone cringe. Nails on a chalkboard, metal dragged on metal, children screaming, those sounds have the power to make us cringe even remembering them and make us think that skipping the audiologist would be just fine (but don’t do it!). But why do some sounds give us the […]

Looking To The Future Of Audio Technology

As technological advancements are made, hearing aids continue to improve in both style and available capabilities. As the tech field isn’t slowing down, here are some future developments you can also look for in the coming years. Connection Improvements As wireless technology advances, those improvements will benefit those who need hearing aids. Some wireless advancements […]

Addressing Hearing Issues’ Impact On The Learning Curve In School

We all know that a disability such as a hearing impairment is not an automatic strike against a child’s ability to learn. They are just as capable, intelligent, hard working and dedicated as any student that walks through the doors of a classroom, with their own unique talents and strengths that set them apart from […]

How Soon Will Loud Music Contribute To Your Child’s Hearing?

In a world of personal listening devices like iPods, MP3 players and cell phones, children are at more risk than ever from noise induced hearing loss. While approximately 30 million people are exposed to dangerous sound levels every day, there are few official studies on hearing loss in children. This is mainly because the risk […]

Technological Advancements Of Hearing Aids In The Last 20 Years

Most adults can remember the days when hearing aids were obvious, bulky earpieces that marked the wearer as hard of hearing and carried drawbacks that were a trade off for slightly better auditory function. Technological advancements for hearing aids have come a long way in the last 20 years, making them more precise, streamlined and […]

What to Expect When Getting Your First Hearing Aid

Although nearly two in three adults aged 70 and older need hearing aids, only one in seven actually use them. As the third most common health problem in the U.S., the issue affects sufferers both physically and emotionally. The impact of hearing loss on communication and relationships can lead to feelings of depression and isolation. […]

Customizing Your Hearing Aid For The Best Fit

Most people come to the decision to improve their hearing with hearing aid after struggles with hearing and a professional assessment. Despite the high prevalence of hearing loss, less than 20 percent of adults over the age of 50 with hearing loss use hearing aid technology or seek professional help to improve their hearing. Since […]

Helping Your Child with Mild Hearing Loss Succeed in the Classroom

Hearing loss creates an extra challenge for growing children. The impediment can affect speech, language and social skills when a child suffers from hearing loss during crucial developmental times. With the right treatment and services, your child can reach the same milestones as other children their age. Hearing loss does not have to hold your […]

The Hidden Risk Factors Associated with that Annoying Ringing In Your Ear

Have you noticed a buzzing in your ears, even after you turn off your loud music? Do you have difficulty hearing when there are a few different noises going on? Do you occasionally think that a phone is ringing or an alarm is going off, but it isn’t? Are you constantly asking others to turn […]