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Can An Audiologist Remove Ear Wax?

Ear wax—also called cerumen—is a natural phenomenon that helps to protect our ear canals from debris. In the normal course of things, your ear wax naturally drains on its own. However, when your ear wax builds up, it can be uncomfortable and even painful, as well as cause difficulty with your hearing.

While not all audiologists can remove ear wax depending on what state you live in, our doctors of audiology can professionally remove the ear wax from your ears.

Why Go To An Audiologist For Professional Ear Wax Removal

It is best to work with an audiologist when it comes to having your ear wax professionally removed, as they have the tools to safely perform a removal. Also, in some states, you will need to go to an audiologist over other types of hearing professionals like hearing instrument specialists, as those specialists will not be licensed to do cerumen removal.

By opting to have your ear wax professionally taken out, you can ensure that things are done safely and your hearing won’t be damaged. In some cases, the ear wax will be removed with a small, scoop-like tool and for others, our audiologists may flush the ear with a syringe of a specialized solution to loosen up and naturally drain out the excess cerumen.

Along with taking out your excess ear wax, when you work with one of our doctors of audiology, you can receive advice on what you can do to prevent ear wax buildup in the future.

Alternatives To Audiologist Ear Wax Removal

There are alternatives to going in to see our audiologists for ear wax removal. In some cases, our audiologists will recommend at-home kits that will loosen your ear wax and allow it to naturally drain out.

You also don’t need to come into our hearing clinic for these kits. There are over-the-counter ear wax softening kits you can use, as well as simple solutions like mineral oil or baby oil. If these solutions don’t correct your impacted ear wax, then it is time to come in for a visit with one of our audiologists.

However, more than anything, please do not insert Q-tips or other objects in your ears to remove your ear wax. You can severely damage your ear by puncturing your eardrum or scaring it if you scrap it with the object. Also, using these things can cause your cerumen to become compact as you try to remove it. Once the wax has become tough and compacted, you will likely need professional intervention to remove the compact cerumen.

When To See An Audiologist To Remove Your Ear Wax

There are several signs you can look for if you aren’t sure that you need professional ear wax removal. Some key signs are:

  • Feeling like you are plugged up.
  • Harder to hear things and needing to turn up the volume to hear properly.
  • More wax buildup on your hearing aids.
  • Ear pain that doesn’t go away.

If you are struggling with compacted ear wax and want professional help, feel free to contact us. Our audiologists can professionally clean out your ears and give you specific advice on how to prevent future issues.

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