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6 Rock ‘N Roll Celebrities That Struggle With Hearing Loss

Amidst all the glamour which surrounds rock ‘n roll celebrities, there is a not often acknowledge shadow—the fact that many of them struggle with hearing loss. In fact, we have compiled a list of 6 legendary rockers who struggle with hearing loss, along with their recommendations and our audiologists advice on how to address any […]

Tips From Our Doctors of Audiology To Hear Better During Holiday Dinners

The holidays are about togetherness, but with untreated hearing loss, you can feel disconnected, even during a time filled with family gatherings. If you suspect you have hearing loss, getting fitted with hearing aids is the best seasonal gift you can give yourself. In addition, here are some tips from the Hearing And Balance Doctors […]

Hearing Aid Tech Update: New Oticon Hearing Aids Made For iPhone (MFI)

Rather than needing a device to connect your hearing aids to your iPhone, you can utilize Oticon’s hearing aids which are Made For iPhone (MFI) connectivity. As Oticon is one of the many hearing aid brands we carry at Hearing & Balance Doctors, we can tell you all about the exciting changes Oticon has made […]

Answers From Your Audiologist: Can Tinnitus Be Cured?

The short answer to the question, “Can tinnitus be cured?” is no, unfortunately. But that doesn’t mean that plenty of people haven’t tried to pretend they have the cure for tinnitus. Here at Hearing & Balance Doctors, our doctors of audiology offer real education on tinnitus and can provide you with ways to manage your […]

Should You See a Doctor Of Audiology or an ENT?

As the name implies, an ear, nose and throat doctor (ENT) specializes in issues related to your ears. This includes diagnosing and treating an array of ear disorders that can lead to hearing loss. Likewise, an audiologist specializes in ear-related issues, with an emphasis on correcting hearing loss. Given the overlap between these two types […]

Research Finds There Is A Strong Connection Between Hearing Loss and Cognitive Decline

Cognitive decline is on the rise as the population lives longer. While a great deal of research has been done focusing on the brain, not as much emphasis has been placed on the connection between hearing loss and cognitive decline. However, some researchers are beginning to investigate the potential link and are discovering that there […]

Hearing Aid Tip Of The Month: How to Adjust to Wearing New Hearing Devices

If you have hearing loss, being fitted with hearing aids can improve your life immensely. Still, it can take a bit of doing to adjust to wearing new hearing devices. At Hearing & Balance Doctors, we provide our patients with education on how to wear and care for their hearing aids as well as tips […]

Ringing In Your Ears: What Does Tinnitus Sound Like?

Tinnitus manifests in countless ways, but there’s one thing people suffering from incessant phantom noise in their ears have in common. To borrow a phrase from an old Simon & Garfunkel song, they crave the sounds of silence. At Hearing & Balance Doctors, our doctors of audiology work to provide the best tinnitus treatment in […]

The Difference Between a Doctor of Audiology and a Hearing Instrument Specialist

Whether you should visit a doctor of audiology or a hearing instrument specialist has a lot to do with your needs. Both professionals are devoted to ensuring you enjoy the best possible hearing, but there are significant differences between the two. If you’ve already been identified as having hearing loss and simply want to get […]

Hearing Aid Heroes: Hearing Health Foundation

At Hearing & Balance Doctors, we’re devoted to providing exceptional treatment for people living with hearing loss, tinnitus, balance problems and related issues. It’s a mission that dovetails perfectly with that of Hearing Health Foundation. Why Hearing Health Foundation Is A Hearing Aid Hero Every day, Hearing Health Foundation works to help the millions of […]