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Advice From Your Audiologist: Things to Avoid That Worsen Tinnitus

Tinnitus can be an incredibly frustrating condition. For one thing, no one but you can perceive the sound of your tinnitus—whether it be ringing in the ear, buzzing, roaring, or other sounds. Also, there can be many things that can trigger a tinnitus flare-up or worsen your already-present tinnitus. So, if you are looking to […]

Hearing Aid Heroes: Phil Collins’ Journey With Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can affect people of all ages, and no matter your age, it can be demoralizing to have to learn to live with hearing loss. While there are solutions to help correct hearing loss—with the solutions varying depending on the type of hearing loss—learning to live with hearing loss can be a journey. Because […]

ReSound ENZO 3D: Smallest Hearing Aid for Severe-to-Profound Hearing Loss

When it comes to choosing hearing aids, there are hundreds of modern digital hearing aids available. However, not all of them are the right kind of hearing aids for your needs. For those who have severe-to-profound hearing loss, the options are slightly restricted, as a hearing aid needs to be pretty powerful to provide the […]

Ask the Audiologist: Why Do Some Sounds Make Me Cringe?

We can all pinpoint sounds that make us cringe or flinch if we hear it, like the squealing of car breaks or chalk scraping on a blackboard. While some people may not visibly cringe, these kinds of sounds always have an impact on those with intact hearing. So, you may be wondering why some sounds […]

How Often to Visit Your Audiologist

Part of keeping your hearing in good order involves visits with your audiologist. But, unlike biannual cleanings with a dentist, it can be tough to know how often you should be seeing your audiologist to maintain your hearing. The thing is, how often you should see your audiologist will be highly dependent on what you […]

Tech Talk: Surprising Things Hearing Aids Can Do

The number one job of hearing aids is to capture, process, and amplify sound so that you can enjoy improved hearing. However, that doesn’t mean that sound amplification is all that your hearing aids can offer you. When it comes to modern hearing aids, many people are surprised by the features that are available when […]

How Does Hearing Loss Affect Speech?

The effects of hearing loss extend far beyond the inability to hear properly. Not only can untreated hearing loss lead to feelings of isolation, depression, and increase the risk of cognitive decline, but hearing loss can also affect your speech. When children have hearing loss, their ability to develop critical language skills can be impaired, […]

Advice From Your Audiologist: Two Hearing Aids Are Better Than One

One of the significant steps in treating sensorineural hearing loss is to use hearing aids. These specialized medical devices are designed to help fill in the sound frequency gaps that occur as part of hearing loss. Different hearing aids are more appropriate for varying levels of hearing loss. To accommodate your specific hearing loss, our […]

4 Ways You Can Help Give the Gift of Hearing

The ability to hear is an integral part of how people communicate and connect with one another. When a person’s hearing is impaired, their connection to others—family, friends, coworkers, service staff, etc.—is disrupted, and communication becomes difficult. To help restore this connection, hearing aids play a vital role. Modern digital hearing aids can capture, process, […]

Pros and Cons of Buying Used Hearing Aids

One of the most common roadblocks people face when it comes to treating their hearing loss is the cost of hearing aids. These controlled medical devices are expensive, often ranging from $900-$3,500 for one hearing aid, and it is generally recommended that you use two hearing aids in concert. As insurance companies often do not […]