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Why You Should Consider Hearing Aids As A Method of Tinnitus Treatment

For those people who struggle with tinnitus, there are businesses which claim to have a cure. Yet, at this time, there is no actual cure for tinnitus. However, if you are considering what options you have for treating your tinnitus, you should be looking into hearing aids fit by audiologists, as this is the most […]

5 Simple Hearing Aid Care Habits To Implement This New Year

If you have been considering developing new healthy habits as one or more of your New Year’s Resolutions, you may want to look at your hearing aid care habits. These habits can extend or shorten the lifespan of your hearing aids, depending on what you do. To help you protect your hearing aids and hearing […]

Hear for the Holidays 2018 – Giving the Gift of Free Hearing Aids

Our doctors of audiology know what a gift healthy hearing can be. With this in mind, we use the season of giving as a time to make an audible difference in someone’s life. Whenever Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s Day draw near, we look for deserving people who can benefit from free hearing aids. It’s […]

Hearing Doctor’s Guide to Hearing Better Despite Background Noise

A common complaint that we hear from our patients is their regular struggle to participate in conversations and social settings due to background noise interference. This can happen in restaurants, parks and picnics, family get-togethers, religious services, and even stores. Differentiating sounds is a complex problem that in a normal functioning auditory system happens automatically, […]

The Risks Of Delaying Hearing Loss Treatment

Many people wait a long time, an average of seven years, before addressing encroaching hearing loss. This tendency has a number of causes, not least of which is the “frog in hot water” syndrome. We’ve all heard the metaphor. A frog dropped into a pot of steaming, bubbling water will jump out right away. A […]

How Our Doctors of Audiology Can Help Improve Your Hearing & Quality of Life

If you’re having trouble hearing, have previously diagnosed hearing loss, and even if you have hearing aids currently but still having trouble joining in on conversations, then schedule a visit with the Hearing & Balance Doctors. Our Audiologists Will Pinpoint Your Hearing Loss Our hearing clinic employs highly educated and experienced doctors of audiology. Our […]

How To Enjoy The Restaurant Experience Regardless of Hearing Loss Symptoms

Restaurants present a huge frustration for many of our patients dealing with hearing loss. We have found that addition of hearing aids alone may not be enough to improve this social aspect of your life. The Doctors of Audiology with The Hearing and Balance Doctors of Saint George have a handful of tips for a […]

​Hearing Aids That Can Wirelessly Connect To Your TV’s Audio

Anyone who has a hearing aid has gotten used to watching television with the closed captioning feature on. But while that provides the necessary context to watch and enjoy a program, it isn’t the same as being able to hear all the sounds and dialogue properly. No matter how detailed the captions, you miss some […]

​Hearing Aid Tech Update: Wirelessly Connecting Your Hearing Aid To Your Smart Phone

The advances in hearing aid technology are amazing. Before you were lucky if you could find a device that didn’t pick up interference, or properly canceled out background noise. Now we have devices that completely change the way patients are able to hear and how clearly. One way that hearing aids have changes is the […]

​Hearing Aid Tip Of The Month: Maintaining the Battery Compartment

A hearing aid is an investment that has serious improvements for your life. The ability to hear, even minimally, makes everything from communicating with those around you, to interacting with the world, better. There have even been reports that mental health can be improved through the use of a hearing aid and that adults with […]