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5 Hearing Health Tips For Safer Summer Fun

Summertime, a time for fun and outdoor adventuring brings a carefree attitude that may accidentally extend to your health needs. However, some of the most common causes of hearing damage and loss can happen during your summer fun. To help protect your hearing this summer and avoid some of the common causes behind hearing loss, […]

How To Enjoy The Restaurant Experience Regardless of Hearing Loss Symptoms

Restaurants present a huge frustration for many of our patients dealing with hearing loss. We have found that addition of hearing aids alone may not be enough to improve this social aspect of your life. The Doctors of Audiology with The Hearing and Balance Doctors of Saint George have a handful of tips for a […]

Hearing Aid Tech Update: Programming Your Hearing Aid From 1000 Miles Away

As hearing needs change, it can be hard to make it into our audiology office to have your hearing aids properly adjusted to your new needs. Yet, thanks to continually developing hearing technology, hearing aids can now have their hearing software adjusted without you needing to come into our office. How Distance Hearing Aid Reprogramming […]

Audiologist Monthly: Doctors Of Audiology Pay Close Attention To Detail

There are many terms thrown around when it comes to hearing-related services, such as hearing instrument specialist, doctor of audiology, hearing specialist, hearing doctor, and more. With all these different titles, it can be difficult to identify whose services will yield superior results. So, for this month’s Audiologist Monthly, we wanted to focus on why […]

5 Hearing Aid Accessories From ReSound That’ll Make Your Life Better

Even the best hearing aids you can find have limitations, from a restricted hearing range to difficulty controlling volume levels. Hearing aids manufacturer ReSound has developed a number of hearing aid accessories to help improve your hearing aids so you can better enjoy the sounds around you. Improve Your Ability To Hear Conversations One of the […]

Hearing Aid Tip Of The Month: Should You Be Using Alcohol Wipes On Your Hearing Aids?

Keeping your hearing aids clean will not only allow your hearing aids to stay in top operating order, but it will also lengthen their lifespan as well as help you avoid ear infections. To achieve this desirable result, some hearing aid users want to try various things to clean their hearing aids. However, there are […]

​Hearing Aids That Can Wirelessly Connect To Your TV’s Audio

Anyone who has a hearing aid has gotten used to watching television with the closed captioning feature on. But while that provides the necessary context to watch and enjoy a program, it isn’t the same as being able to hear all the sounds and dialogue properly. No matter how detailed the captions, you miss some […]

​Hearing Aid Tech Update: Wirelessly Connecting Your Hearing Aid To Your Smart Phone

The advances in hearing aid technology are amazing. Before you were lucky if you could find a device that didn’t pick up interference, or properly canceled out background noise. Now we have devices that completely change the way patients are able to hear and how clearly. One way that hearing aids have changes is the […]

Your Hearing And The “Yanny Or Laurel” Debate

When the debate surrounding the hearing of “Yanny vs. Laurel” reached our audiology office, our team at Hearing & Balance Doctors was naturally interested as it had everything to do with the sound interpretation of the human ear. Whether you hear “Yanny” or “Laurel” is rooted in your hearing and not some other quirk of perception. Hearing […]

​Hearing Aid Tip Of The Month: Maintaining the Battery Compartment

A hearing aid is an investment that has serious improvements for your life. The ability to hear, even minimally, makes everything from communicating with those around you, to interacting with the world, better. There have even been reports that mental health can be improved through the use of a hearing aid and that adults with […]