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Due to COVID-19, the Hearing & Balance Doctors will be OPEN for essential/urgent issues at this time. We will also be offering a Drive-Thru service for hearing aids. Please call (435) 688-8991 for more information. Click for Update Utah: 435-688-8991 | Nevada: 702-896-0031
Due to COVID-19, the Hearing & Balance Doctors offices are closed until March 29th. We are seeing patients on an essential or urgent basis only. If you have an essential or urgent need, please call our office at (435) 688-8991 and leave a message. Click for Update Utah: 435-688-8991 | Nevada: 702-896-0031

High-Tech Accessories For Your ReSound Hearing Aids

Managing your hearing loss can be done with properly programmed hearing aids alone. But, there are sometimes situations where your hearing aids can use a boost to ensure that you are hearing everything you want to hear. Hearing aid brands like ReSound have developed high-tech hearing aid accessories that can be paired with your Resound […]

What Your Q-Tips Could Be Damaging

Millions of people use Q-tips—also called cotton swabs, cotton buds, cotton applicators, or similar names for the piece of cotton on a stick used for personal hygiene. However, these applicators are not supposed to be used to clean your ears, as there is a high risk of damage and permanent hearing loss by using Q-tips […]

Message To Our Patients: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Due to the ongoing concerns surrounding COVID-19, Hearing & Balance Doctors will be OPEN for essential/urgent care only. This decision has not been made lightly. However, considering that many of our patients are part of the most at-risk demographic when it comes to contracting COVID-19, we have chosen to close offices to do our part […]

8 Quick Hearing Aid Repairs We Can Do For You

Hearing aids are specialized computerized devices that you are supposed to wear daily, which is practically a recipe for needing hearing aid repairs in the future. If you feel comfortable, there are some hearing aid repairs and maintenance that you can do at home. However, many people don’t feel comfortable or confident working on their […]

Ask the Audiologist: Can Hearing Loss Be Hereditary?

There are many ways hearing loss can occur—from age-related hearing loss to acquired hearing loss due to loud noise exposure. But do genetics play a role in hearing loss? Well, according to our doctors of audiology, there some cases where hearing loss is a hereditary issue. However, there are many factors involved that can influence […]

12 Things That Cause Tinnitus Flare-Up

An essential part of tinnitus treatment and management is knowing what causes your tinnitus to flare-up. By understanding what your tinnitus triggers are, you can better predict and prevent future tinnitus flare-ups. To help manage your tinnitus more effectively, below are twelve of the main causes for tinnitus flare-ups that our doctors of audiology counsel […]

Hearing Loss Statistics We Don’t Like to Hear

Most people don’t like to think about hearing loss. Since hearing loss is often considered a problem for senior citizens, individuals feel comfortable dismissing information regarding hearing loss, considering it only a potential problem when they get older. But, there are a number of alarming hearing loss statistics that make it clear that hearing loss […]

Why Do We Hear Things Differently Underwater?

Likely, when you have been swimming in a pool, lake, or ocean, you have noticed that things sound different. No need to call Hearing & Balance Doctors just yet, that’s not just because your ears are full of water—sound simply operates differently in water than in open air. Sound Travels Differently In Water Sound waves […]

Should I Get a Second Opinion on Hearing Aids

Sometimes, here at Hearing & Balance Doctors, we have people contact us to ask for a second opinion on what a different audiologist has said and recommended. Or, we also have people calling in with questions about the hearing aids they were recommended, as they don’t have enough information on this potentially pricey purchase. Second […]

Advice From Your Audiologist: Things to Avoid That Worsen Tinnitus

Tinnitus can be an incredibly frustrating condition. For one thing, no one but you can perceive the sound of your tinnitus—whether it be ringing in the ear, buzzing, roaring, or other sounds. Also, there can be many things that can trigger a tinnitus flare-up or worsen your already-present tinnitus. So, if you are looking to […]