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Utah: 435-688-8991 Nevada: 702-896-0031

Managing Background Noise With Your Hearing Aids

When people first put in their new hearing aids, many are surprised by the background noise they now hear. This is due to the fact that as their hearing loss has progressed, it is likely they haven’t noticed that everyday sounds had become muffled or absent completely. Also, though hearing aid technology has made large amounts of […]

Hearing And Balance Doctors Of Utah Visit Sun River

As one of the top hearing clinics in Southern Utah, our audiologists here at Hearing & Balance Doctors enjoy working with a wide variety of clientele. Some of their favorite people to work with are the seniors who have decided to enjoy an active retirement here in St George at places like Sun River, where they can […]

Hearing Aid Tech Update: ReSound’s Practically Invisible Hearing Aid

Photo credit: ReSound Something which has been noted to bother many hearing aid wearers is the fact that some styles of hearing aids are large and bulky. However, thanks to constant innovation from the hearing aid technology industry, the hearing aid brand ReSound has been able to produce a practically invisible hearing aid. ReSound Custom Invisible-In-Canal […]

Audiologist Monthly: Protecting Your Ears From Noise Damage

With the rate of hearing loss rising, especially among young people, it becomes even more important to discuss how you should properly protect your hearing from noise-induced damage. While some noise damage is unavoidable, our audiologists have some recommendations you can implement into your life to better protect your hearing. Acclimate To Lower Volume Levels Our […]

Hearing Aid Tip Of The Month: Home Tools For Hearing Aid Maintenance

The proper maintenance and care for your hearing aids at home is vital to the lifespan of your hearing aids. While our audiologists are more than happy to assist you with your hearing aids, it is important to have the right tools to perform basic hearing aid maintenance at home. Hearing Aid Brush With Magnet A […]

Hearing Aid Tech Update: Oticon Hearing Aid Fitness Tracker

Our doctors of Audiology can help you sort through the many options for hearing loss treatment. Each patient has a different need when it comes to sizing and fine-tuning their hearing aids. Today’s hearing technology caters to many unique needs including water-proof hearing aids, hearing aids specifically for tinnitus treatment, and more. A particularly exciting innovation in hearing […]

Maybe You Haven’t Heard: Upcoming Concerts At Tuacahn

  St George and the surrounding areas are lucky to have Tuacahn to attract top-notch artists to perform locally. So whether you need your hearing aids tuned up or just stop by for a hearing check-up, be sure that your hearing is in good order so you can fully enjoy the upcoming concerts. Cover Band […]

Audiologist Monthly: Valuable Resources From The Hearing Loss Association Of America

Let’s face it, when most people suspect something is wrong with them, they will look up possible symptoms online before talking to a medical professional. This isn’t a bad instinct but it can be difficult to find reputable resources who are knowledgeable in regards to hearing loss and other medically sensitive conditions. One organization we […]

Hearing Aid Heroes: Lance Allred Of The NBA

Image Source Too often, people view hearing loss as a restriction, barring them from high performance. Yet, with the help of hearing aid technology and a good amount of perseverance, much can be achieved. One fantastic example of this is Lance Allred, the first legally deaf player in the NBA. Allred also has enjoyed success […]

Local Resources to Cope with Hearing Loss

Once you have undergone a hearing evaluation and discovered you are suffering from hearing loss, it may be hard to cope with your loss. Your coping needs will likely extend to emotional needs as well as physical. Here at the Hearing & Balance Doctors audiology office, our audiologists have worked with many patients and have […]