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Hearing Aids To Improve Tinnitus Symptoms

At first, many tinnitus sufferers don’t consider the persistent sounds to be a big deal. But over time, the constant, irritating sounds can grow louder and more insistent to the point where it affects the hearer’s quality of life. Yet, many don’t realize there are audiologist-endorsed methods to help negate the symptoms of tinnitus. Trying […]

Why An Audiologist Can Offer More If You Suspect Hearing Loss

If you have started to suspect that you may be suffering from hearing loss, then your first task should be to take yourself to your local audiologist’s office. As long as no trauma or illness is present, it is likely that your hearing has been affected by something an audiologist is best suited to solving. […]

What A Doctor of Audiology Can Tell You About Tinnitus Costs Long-Term

Tinnitus is a common issue among adults. The persistent noise it creates can be caused by a variety of issues, so your tinnitus treatment will vary depending on the cause of your problem. Some causes of tinnitus will clear up or at least fade to manageable levels. In those cases, no special treatments are necessary. […]

How To Tell If Your Child Has Worrisome Balance Issues

Bumping into stationary objects and even tripping over their own feet is fairly common behavior from children of all ages. So parents end up expecting a certain amount of clumsy behavior from their children and don’t feel the need to rush their child to an audiologist for balance testing. However, sometimes a child’s balance issues […]

Quiet Children May Struggle With Hearing Loss

There isn’t a parent out there that hasn’t suspected their child may suffer from hearing loss. That is usually due to a rebellious child who refuses to listen. But what about the quiet children who don’t cause a ruckus? While being introverted can be one explanation why a child is quiet, hearing impairment is a […]

Use The Hearing Doctors of Southern Utah For Your Hearing Aid Maintenance

You have been struggling with your hearing for some time and finally bite the bullet and get a hearing aid. Congratulations! You have made a significant step towards improving your quality of life. At The Hearing Doctors of Southern Utah we help thousands of patients a year regain their autonomy with the latest hearing aid […]

Losing Your Hearing In Your Mid 30’s

Losing your hearing when you are only in your thirties was likely not what you expected. With research showing that hearing loss prevalence is slowing down even among the elderly, you could have reasonably expected to not lose your hearing. But if your hearing is starting to deteriorate, there are things you should know and […]

Visit Hearing Loss Experts In Saint George Utah

Is your hearing in good shape? One of the common mistakes our patients at our Saint George location make when it comes to their ears is not keeping up with their hearing health. There is a false belief that only those who have reached a certain age need to worry about losing their auditory senses. […]

​How Hearing Loss Can Affect Driving​

Most people would not dream of driving without something to correct their vision impairment. But safe driving is not only dependent on being able to see clearly. Below are some things to consider the next time you think about driving without your hearing aids. Reacting Appropriately To Loud Sounds It would take a profound amount […]

​Your Medications May Be Impacting Your Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can be difficult to deal with, even when it is part of the natural progression in someone’s life. However, your hearing loss may not be entirely due to nature. Instead, your medication may be interfering with your hearing. Medications Which Cause Hearing Loss Medicines which can cause hearing loss are called ototoxic. Broken […]