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Utah: 435-688-8991 Nevada: 702-896-0031

​Hearing Aid Tip Of The Month: Maintaining the Battery Compartment

A hearing aid is an investment that has serious improvements for your life. The ability to hear, even minimally, makes everything from communicating with those around you, to interacting with the world, better. There have even been reports that mental health can be improved through the use of a hearing aid and that adults with […]

​Hearing Aid Heroes: Mat Gilbert

Mat Gilbert was five years old the first time he registered a potential issue during a routine hearing screening. Sent for further tests, the results were shocking: he had bi-lateral sensorineural hearing loss, a significant and deteriorating condition that would get progressively worse as the years went by. By the time he had been diagnosed, […]

Microphone Directionality Effect On Your Hearing Ability

For years, hearing aids came only with omnidirectional microphones. While this was more effective than the hearing loss people were living with, it could be less effective in situations where it was important for the listener to hone in on a particular conversation. For those looking for hearing aids to help them hear better in […]

Hearing Aid Tips Of The Month: Stick To A Routine Of Regular Hearing Aid Maintenance For Longer Lasting Hearing Aids

When you invest in your hearing and receive hearing aids, you will need to perform regular maintenance on them to ensure they last as long as possible. If you aren’t sure how to go about building a regular maintenance routine, read through our recommendations. Daily Hearing Aid Maintenence Tasks There are some maintenance tasks which […]

Audiologist Monthly: Considering Inside-The-Ear Hearing Aids?

There are many styles of hearing aids available to choose from for when you need to choose hearing aids for yourself. If you have heard of inside-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids and are considering them for yourself, our audiologists have some things you may want to consider before choosing inside-the-ear hearing aids. What Inside-The-Ear Hearing Aids […]

Maybe You Haven’t Heard…Social Spring Events In Saint George, Utah

As the winter chill is washed away with spring rains, more social events are coming up as everyone is ready to leave their cozy homes and start socializing again. But few things are as frustrating as not being able to hear well while attending a social activity. Be sure to stop by the Hearing & Balance […]

Hearing Health: Common Signs Of Progressive Hearing Loss

As hearing loss is commonly a progressive issue, it can be difficult to catch it early on. It is important to deal with hearing loss early, as the longer you go without a hearing loss solution, the more damage will be done to the connection between your brain and auditory nerve. This damage is irreversible, […]

Hearing Aid Heroes: Whoopi Goldberg

One of the most recognizable African-American performers, Whoopi Goldberg has not let her hearing aids slow her down. Her high achievements even when dealing with hearing loss can help everyone who struggles with hearing loss believe that their hearing loss does not need to hold them back. Whoopi Goldberg Achieves Beyond Hearing Struggles And More […]

Managing Background Noise With Your Hearing Aids

When people first put in their new hearing aids, many are surprised by the background noise they now hear. This is due to the fact that as their hearing loss has progressed, it is likely they haven’t noticed that everyday sounds had become muffled or absent completely. Also, though hearing aid technology has made large amounts of […]

Hearing And Balance Doctors Of Utah Visit Sun River

As one of the top hearing clinics in Southern Utah, our audiologists here at Hearing & Balance Doctors enjoy working with a wide variety of clientele. Some of their favorite people to work with are the seniors who have decided to enjoy an active retirement here in St George at places like Sun River, where they can […]