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Visit Hearing Loss Experts In Saint George Utah

Is your hearing in good shape? One of the common mistakes our patients at our Saint George location make when it comes to their ears is not keeping up with their hearing health. There is a false belief that only those who have reached a certain age need to worry about losing their auditory senses. […]

​How Hearing Loss Can Affect Driving​

Most people would not dream of driving without something to correct their vision impairment. But safe driving is not only dependent on being able to see clearly. Below are some things to consider the next time you think about driving without your hearing aids. Reacting Appropriately To Loud Sounds It would take a profound amount […]

​Your Medications May Be Impacting Your Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can be difficult to deal with, even when it is part of the natural progression in someone’s life. However, your hearing loss may not be entirely due to nature. Instead, your medication may be interfering with your hearing. Medications Which Cause Hearing Loss Medicines which can cause hearing loss are called ototoxic. Broken […]

4 Ways For Athletes To Work Around Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can make people feel as if they are restricted from participating in certain activities. This applies doubly for those involved in athletics. Both old and young athletes believe hearing loss can impair their ability to perform at the highest level. But with the advancements made in hearing aid technology and other solutions, athletes […]

What Powers Your Hearing Aids?

According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, about 35 million people across the nation suffer from hearing loss. However, only about one in four people who need hearing aids have them. A hearing aid can help people adapt and enjoy life so that they can improve their hearing. An Overview of Hearing Aids Hearing aids have […]

5 Signs Your Child May Be Hard of Hearing

Life brings a series of new experiences to a child, but children can’t always tell you if they are struggling. A child might experience hearing problems, but they simply strain a little harder to hear and then return to the job of playing. As a parent, you are responsible to observe any potential issues your […]

Working With Your Teen With Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)

It can be hard on a teen to learn they have a hearing disorder. Even if your audiologist diagnosed them when they were younger, teenagers can be hyper-aware of both positive and negative things that make them different from their peers. As parents, you can help your teen emotionally adjust to their disorder in several […]

Doctors Of Audiology Offer More When It Comes To Diagnosis and Treating Hearing Loss

Going to an audiologist is the best thing you can do to treat your hearing loss. From greater depths of knowledge to specialized care, an audiologist can do more to help you deal with your hearing loss than other medical professionals. General Practitioners and Hearing Loss While your primary physician might be the first professional […]

Hearing Aid Technology That Would Appeal To Youth

It can be hard for adults to accept they have hearing loss when told by their audiologist. For young people facing hearing loss, it can be even more difficult, since they likely didn’t expect to deal with hearing loss until decades later, if at all. So if your child is fighting the use of hearing […]

Diagnosis Of Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) From A Dr. Of Audiology

The ability to hear and process sound is an ability many people take for granted. Those who struggle with an auditory processing disorder (APD) have intact hearing structures but have a hard time understanding the sounds they hear. There are variations on how much an individual is affected by APD, so it is necessary to […]