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​Hearing Aid Tip Of The Month: Maintaining the Battery Compartment

Customizing Your Hearing Aid For The Best Fit

A hearing aid is an investment that has serious improvements for your life. The ability to hear, even minimally, makes everything from communicating with those around you, to interacting with the world, better. There have even been reports that mental health can be improved through the use of a hearing aid and that adults with dementia can slow the progression of their disease by addressing hearing loss.

With so much riding on being able to hear, regular maintenance of hearing devices is crucial. A hearing aid, especially a good one (as everyone is encouraged to purchase) can cost a pretty penny. Making sure it lasts as long as possible will keep hearing loss sufferers from having to learn once more to cope with being unable to hear clearly in their everyday life.

Hearing Aid Battery Facts

The battery is the most often replaced and maintained portion of the hearing aid. Once upon a time, batteries would barely last a day before they had to be switched out. Now, we have batteries that can last as many as 25 days in higher end models, though with lower grade hearing aids it could be as few as 3 days.

One way to ensure batteries last longer is to make sure you are caring for both the battery itself and the compartment that it rests in.

Some ways to maintain your battery compartment include:

  • Keeping the compartment dry at all times. Leaking moisture can easily creep in through the cracks and ruin the battery. But they can also leak into the device itself and cause malfunctions, including the inner mechanisms that allow the electrical charge to carry into the device.
  • Keeping the compartment hinge sturdy. When the compartment hinge or clasp degrades or warps, it won’t hold the door closed tightly. Moisture and dust can get into the cracks, the battery can get loose and other issues can arise when everything is not situated tightly where it needs to be.
  • Keeping the inner mechanisms functioning. Hearing aids are remarkable devices. Much like the ear itself, if one of the inner mechanisms isn’t functioning there will be no way to properly hear. If there is any static, popping, echoes, odd sounds or just lack of clarity or volume, something might be wrong with the hearing aid itself. Sometimes this will originate within the battery compartment, such as when the battery itself isn’t settled properly into place.

If you suspect something is wrong with your hearing aid, or if you just want some help properly maintaining it, we are here for you. Find out more at Hearing Doctors.

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