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​Ways You Can Help Your Loved One Adjust To Their Recent Hearing Loss​

Accepting a change in hearing can be difficult as there is a sense of isolation and helplessness that results from having difficulty communicating. Watching a loved one struggle with hearing loss can be heartbreaking and frustrating.

You Are Not Alone

Hearing loss is a prominent problem. The National Institute of Health reports that 28.8 million adults in the US could benefit from the use of hearing aids. Only 30% of hearing-impaired adults over 70 years of age use hearing aids. That stat decreases for the 20-69 age group–only 16% use hearing aids. If you have a loved one struggling to address a hearing loss problem then you are not alone. Since this is such a common issue people seek help (and find it) for hearing loss frequently.

Hearing is a vital part of how we connect and relate others. A loss of hearing can profoundly impact social and familial relationships. So, a change in hearing may feel very threatening to a loved one. There may be a period of denial where they refuse help. Some people think that losing hearing is part of getting old and is simply a condition they must endure. Others are embarrassed to admit weaknesses or fear ridicule. Since hearing loss can make it hard to maintain relationships, impede function at work, and even threaten your loved one’s safety it is important to seek professional help.

Getting Professional Help

An Audiologist is a specialist who helps patients with hearing loss problems. We can measure and diagnose hearing loss and fit patients for many different types of hearing aids. There have been amazing technological advancements in hearing assistance in the last few years. There are more hearing devices available than ever before and one of the advantages of visiting our office is that you can try several different devices at your visit.

Additional support and encouragement

The Hearing Loss Association of America is a great resource to support those that are struggling with hearing loss. The HLAA has a nationwide organizational structure with chapter meetings all over the country. Attending a meeting may help you cope emotionally with your hearing loss and find a proactive way to react to the changes in your hearing. The Hearing Doctors are committed to giving you the best options available. Come see us for an evaluation. We can determine the best course of treatment for your hearing loss and lifestyle.

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