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5 Hearing Aid Accessories From ReSound That’ll Make Your Life Better

Even the best hearing aids you can find have limitations, from a restricted hearing range to difficulty controlling volume levels. Hearing aids manufacturer ReSound has developed a number of hearing aid accessories to help improve your hearing aids so you can better enjoy the sounds around you.

Improve Your Ability To Hear Conversations

One of the significant effects of hearing loss is a sense of isolation from the world around us. While a hearing evaluation and receiving hearing aids can restore a good deal of your hearing, hearing aids generally cannot provide the hearing range you may have been accustomed to having available. But, with these three ReSound accessories, you can more easily and confidently join in the conversations around you.

  • ReSound Micro Mic – Use the Micro Mic to listen to extend your hearing range to 80 feet. The mic will not capture sounds which are not in a direct line of sight, but as long as nothing is blocking you, using the clip-on Micro Mic will allow you to significantly extend your ability to hear and participate in the world around you.
  • ReSound Multi Mic – This hearing aid accessory also has a range of 80 feet, but its unique feature is the ability to deliver multiple voices to your hearing aids with greatly improved clarity.
  • ReSound Phone Clip+ – With your Bluetooth-enabled phone, you can use the Phone Clip+ to stream calls directly to your hearing aids, converting your hearing aids into a Bluetooth headset.

Enjoy Direct-To-Ears TV Streaming Control

If you find yourself engaging in a near-constant battle over the volume of the television, then you may benefit from the ReSound TV Streamer 2. This hearing aid accessory pairs your hearing aids with your TV, allowing you to use your hearing aids as wireless headphones up to 22 feet away from the TV.

Even better, the volume on the TV Streamer 2 is independent of the actual TV volume. That way, everyone can have the entertainment volume set to their hearing preference.

Gain Greater Control Over Your Hearing Aids

Control your ReSound accessories and hearing aids with the ReSound Remote Control 2 hearing accessory. You can swap between your various ReSound hearing accessories and adjust other volumes then change to controlling your hearing aids program settings as well as the volume. As hearing aids, in particular, have small volume controls, this remote can make the process of adjusting your hearing aids much easier.

If you are interested in these hearing aid accessories, then contact us to consult with our audiologists. Not only can they help determine whether your hearing aids are compatible with these devices but our audiologists can also help you order the accessories you want.

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