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5 Hearing Health Tips For Safer Summer Fun

Summertime, a time for fun and outdoor adventuring brings a carefree attitude that may accidentally extend to your health needs. However, some of the most common causes of hearing damage and loss can happen during your summer fun.

To help protect your hearing this summer and avoid some of the common causes behind hearing loss, the Hearing & Balance Doctors wanted to offer five hearing health tips for a safer summer.

Protect Your Ears While Attending Summer Events

There are many exciting summertime events for people to attend and create special memories. But many people don’t remember to bring hearing protection with them when caught up in a rush of excitement. We recommend you bring disposable earplugs this summer when attending:

    • Concerts
    • Sporting events
    • Firework shows
    • Festivals

If you are a regular concertgoer or sporting events attendee, you may want to look into having custom earplugs made by our hearing specialists, which will give your hearing the best protection possible.

Make Time For A Hearing Exam

With some of your extra free time this summer, make time for a hearing exam. Hearing loss will usually happen gradually, and our bodies do their best to adapt to the loss. By the time some people notice their hearing loss, it has already progressed to the point where the auditory nerve has been damaged by the lack of sound input.

Having your hearing loss caught early will help protect your hearing from further loss and the atrophy of your auditory nerve. All you have to do to protect yourself is to come into our office for a once-a-year hearing test.

Safeguard Your Ears While Swimming

Summer is prime swimming, and all the lakes, reservoirs, splash pads, and pools are filled with people every day. With all the splashing around, some water is bound to go into your ear.

For many people, they simply need to tilt their heads and release the water. Yet, sometimes water can become trapped in the ear canal, creating a problem called swimmer’s ear. The trapped fluid can encourage bacteria to breed and cause a painful ear infection. Repeated ear infections can scar the inside of your ear and result in hearing loss.

If swimmer’s ear has been an issue for you in the past or you know you will be spending a lot of time in the water this summer, you should pick up some earplugs to protect your hearing.

Keep Your Hearing Aids Dry And Secure

For those who already own hearing aids, it is essential to keep these devices protect during the summer fun. Some of the things you can do this summer to keep your hearing aids safe are:

  • Make sure to avoid water when wearing them, even with waterproof coverings. The coverings were not meant to be immersed in water.
  • Keep a soft drying cloth on you in case your hearing aids become wet, whether it is caused by sweat or accidental splashing.
  • Place your hearing aids in a dry, secure case every evening. Make sure you bring the case as you go on vacation.

Avoid Playing With Fireworks

While the Fourth of July may be over, there is still the 24th of July, when many Utahans celebrate Pioneer Day and the settling of the state.  This day is usually marked with food and fireworks, much like the Fourth of July.

We recommend you avoid personal fireworks. While residential fireworks don’t pack the same punch that commercial fireworks do, they can still reach 150 dB. Hearing damage begins at 80 dB. So, do yourself a favor and opt out of personal fireworks.

If you need more ways to protect your hearing this summer or require help recovering your hearing, contact us for an appointment with the premier hearing doctors of Southern Utah.

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