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5 Things that You Didn’t Know About Hearing Aids

Old age and injury often lead to hearing impairment. But modern technology offers a way to reverse at least some of the loss. Hearing aids can give those afflicted with hearing deficiencies the opportunity to once again improve their hearing. The following interesting facts will keep you informed about these restorative devices.

5-things-that-you-didnt-know-about-hearing-aidsGeneral Statistics

Hearing loss afflicts all age groups, not just the elderly. More than 7 percent of Generation Xers already have hearing loss. An additional 1.4 million children also suffer from some kind of hearing deficiency with some estimates placing the numbers at 3 in 1000 infants who are born with extensive hearing loss.

Slimmer Designs

Today’s hearing aids buck the stereotype of ugly and oversized contraptions of years gone by. They come in a variety of colors, and new technologies have made them smaller and easier to hide. Some can even slip completely into the ear canal and remain unseen. Those placed behind the ear can still blend into the skin and avoid creating an obvious or unsightly appearance.

Help with Costs

Many believe hearing aids are expensive beyond their means. While any medical assistance device can come with a hefty price tag, you have many options if you have concerns about the cost. Financial assistance programs can help alleviate the costs of a hearing aid. Children afflicted with hearing loss might be eligible to have the cost covered if it’s determined they need the device to receive a free and appropriate public education. Some states might cover hearing aids through Medicaid. State vocational rehabilitative agencies might cover you if you are college or working age and have a hearing deficiency that threatens your career and education. Several laws sometimes require government agencies or employers to cover the costs in certain situations. Know the laws and research your options. You might qualify for some kind of financial assistance that covers all or part of the cost for hearing aids.

Adjusting the Settings

You will need time to adjust to your new hearing aids as you will need to retrain your brain to filter the vast barrage of sounds of everyday life. Many people don’t initially use the right settings. You might need several visits and adjustments before the hearing aid is properly set. A competent doctor will stick with you and ensure that you learn the proper setting for your device. Through various exercises and other adjustment measures, you can overcome the initial challenges presented with a new hearing aid.

Updated Models

Hearing aid technology has made great advancements in recent years. Some hearing aids break from the traditional technology and allow you to switch between multiple speakers at a rapid pace, which allows you to hear what you want and filter out unwanted noise. Other devices can even stream phone calls, music, and other audio directly into your hearing device. Technology has not only made hearing aids easier and more effective but has also increased the scope of what these devices can offer you.

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