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5 Ways You Know It’s Time To Upgrade To A Custom Hearing Aid

5-ways-you-know-its-time-to-upgrade-to-a-custom-hearing-aidWhen people first get a hearing aid they usually go with the easier, cheaper option. The internet is full of unbelievable deals, with some being a low as $200 for a solid model. Why would anyone want to pay more than they had to?
Unfortunately, they soon realize that there is a reason buying a hearing aid without a custom fitting isn’t that great of an idea. As it turns out, paying a little more will end up saving you hundreds in the long run. Not to mention save you a ton of frustration and grief. Here are five ways you know it is time to upgrade to a custom hearing aid.

  1. Your Hearing Aid Keeps Falling Out – No one has the exact same ear size and shape as someone else. Ears are much more unique than you may realize, which could lead to some problems with your hearing aid slipping out of place, or completely coming off of the ear. A custom fitting will ensure your hearing aid stays where it is supposed to, and only comes off when you remove the clip.
  2. There Is Pain Or Aggravated Skin In Your Ear – If your hearing aid doesn’t fit right, it can cause some pain. If your ear is too small for the hearing aid the bones could be pressed by the piece, and possibly pinch in places. If it is too big, the rubbing against your skin could cause rashes and even cuts. A custom fitted piece will settle properly, and won’t cause any discomfort.
  3. Sounds Aren’t Coming In That Clearly – The point of a hearing aid is to have something that helps you hear. So why would you settle for one that isn’t working properly? If you are constantly asking people to repeat themselves, then your piece isn’t sending the sound where it needs to go in order to vibrate properly against the inner chambers of your ear.
  4. There Is Static Or Interference – One of the other problems with cheaper models you buy on your own is that they aren’t necessarily quality tested. So when interference or static begins to occur, it might be due to a breakdown in one of the parts. You can avoid this by getting a better made model from a brand vouched for by your audiologist.
  5. You Want Something Better – This is a no-brainer…if you want something better, get something better! Your hearing is too important to trust in the hands of a cheap, unreliable piece of equipment.

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