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7 Signs You May Have Hearing Loss

Though traditionally thought of as a problem only in older generations, hearing loss is becoming more and more common in younger people as well. There are a variety of causes of hearing loss, including aging, genetics, general health, and even exposure to high-level noise.

Most often, the symptoms of hearing loss appear gradually, which can make them difficult to recognize. But like any other medical issue, the sooner hearing loss is identified, the better. If you believe you may be affected by hearing loss, there are several signs and symptoms to look for.

1. You need to turn up the volume

Since hearing loss is usually a gradual process, you may not notice that you’ve been having to turn up the volume on the TV or radio. If your family repeatedly complains the volume is too high, but it doesn’t seem high to you, hearing loss is a possibility.

2. Conversations are difficult

If you have trouble following conversations, especially with multiple people, hearing loss could be the culprit. People with hearing loss often find it difficult to keep up when more than one person talks at once. This can be frustrating – even embarrassing – when you miss a great punch line or give an odd answer because you didn’t hear the question accurately.

common-types-and-causes-of-hearing-loss3. You have telephone trouble

Check the volume on your telephone. Is it all the way up? Does it need to be that high for you to hear what the other party is saying? If you can’t hear well at a moderate volume, it might be wise to see a hearing specialist.

4. Say “what?”

Pay attention to how many times you ask people to repeat themselves. Are you saying “what?” a lot? Do you have to lean closer to hear, even when they aren’t whispering? If you have a hard time understanding from across the room, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need hearing aids. However, if you have trouble from a typical conversational distance, consider having your hearing checked.

5. Everyone mumbles

If others mumbling around you seems to be an epidemic, it could be you’re suffering from hearing loss. Your ears simply may not be getting the full range of sounds, making it difficult to understand others. It might be time for a hearing evaluation.

6. Noisy environments are troublesome

When you’re at a restaurant or family reunion, you want to talk to people and catch up. But if normal background noise means you’re missing out on close conversation, you may have hearing loss. Directional microphones and noise reduction on today’s hearing aids can help minimize the noise and enhance your listening ability.

7. It’s hard to hear higher pitch

Sometimes, hearing loss affects your ability to hear certain frequencies. Most often, higher pitches become the hardest to hear. If you have trouble hearing the higher-pitched voices of women or children, it might be time for a hearing check. Your hearing specialist can actually determine which frequencies are giving you trouble and help you boost the ones you need.

While everyone will have trouble hearing from time to time under different circumstances, prolonged hearing issues should be checked out. Don’t let a simple – and likely easily resolved – condition keep you from getting the most out of life. If you have some of these symptoms, see a hearing specialist today.

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