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A Patient Success Story

As a Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) at Hearing & Balance Doctors of Utah, I frequently encounter individuals that have worn hearing aids or assistive listening devices previously and have not been very happy with their overall performance. Richard Vance was most recent patient who came into see us in our St. George clinic. He had a negative experience with the hearing aids that he received at Costco. He told himself that hearing aids must be frustrating for everyone.

After visiting our clinic, Mr. Vance expressed the difference his personalized hearing treatment plan has made in his listening environments. He found that our testing was much more thorough than what he had previously experienced.

As we do with every patient, we tested to understand Mr. Vance’s functional abilities (processing sound in the brain) and how he understands speech in background noise. Then we selected a hearing aid that worked well with the way his brain processes sound. We also made sure the physical fit was comfortable. We find that many patients with sensitive ear canals appreciate when hearing aids do not fit too deep in their ear canal.

When he watches TV with his wife, she’s the one who wants to turn the volume up because he hears and understands so much better now. He mentioned that his volume scale on his TV at home would typically be at a level of 30-35, but now it is anywhere from 17-22. His wife appreciates that she doesn’t have to repeat things as often and that the frustration level in communicating with him has improved

richard-vance-1 richard-vance-2Mr. Vance recently said, “I feel that taking care of things, the right way, has made all the difference. The fact that these doctors do their own research gives me confidence that they will hand pick a hearing device that is right for me”

Overall we could not be happier with the difference new hearing aids have made for Mr. Vance and his family.

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