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AI Voice Control With The ReSound LiNX Quattro Hearing Aids


For many people, simply being able to hear well again with their hearing aids is enough. But in our modern world where we expect the most of our technology, there is a hearing aid manufacturer who is changing everyone’s expectations of hearing aids.

What Can You Do With LiNX Quattro AI Hearing Aids

An upgrade to the ReSound hearing aids line up, the LiNX Quattro hearing aids come in 17 different colors, and two types of Receive-In-Ear hearing aids. One of the styles is even rechargeable and will come with a portable charger that can easily fit in your pocket.

Along with these features—and many others—you can also enjoy both the Apple-based digital assistant Siri and genuine AI. With these advanced technologies, you can have greater control over your LiNX Quattro hearing aids.

Use Siri To Control Your Hearing Aids

While you can’t use the Siri built into your hearing aids to navigate you to your next location, there are plenty of other things you can do with the digital assistant.

For instance, if you want to stream your music to your hearing aids, you can simply ask Siri to start the streaming, rather than fiddling with your phone. Along with easy streaming, you can enjoy a lot of quality of life hearing adjustments with the help of Siri.

Just by asking the digital assistant, Siri can:

  • Turn your directional microphone on and off
  • Assist with wind reduction filtration
  • Allow you to make adjustments to the noise-cancellation
  • Stream phone calls
  • Make quick changes to the volume
  • Alert you when the battery is low and needs either charging or changing

LiNX Quattro AI Learns From Your Commands

As you direct Siri or make changes yourself to your LiNX Quattro hearing aids, the built-in AI will learn what your preferences are and begin to make automatic adjustments.

Say that you always turn down your hearing aids when you enter a restaurant. With the LiNX Quattro AI, it will detect when you enter a similar environment and automatically adjust to your preferred settings.

As you make adjustments to your hearing aids, the AI will continue to learn your preferences and anticipate your needs, learning to change your hearing aid sound profiles and other features without you needing to do anything other than enjoy the help.

Find LiNX Quattro Hearing Aids At Hearing & Balance Doctors

Here at Hearing & Balance Doctors, we carry a wide variety of hearing aid brands, from ReSound to Widex. If you are interested in the LiNX Quattro, our doctors of audiology can order a pair for you.

A hearing evaluation is needed, as our audiologists need to ensure that the new hearing aids will be properly programmed for your level of hearing loss. Once that is completed, one of our doctors of audiology will order the LiNX Quattro for you and call you in for a fitting once they arrive.

To work with our doctors of audiology to be fitted for LiNX Quattro hearing aids or access other hearing services, contact us for an appointment today.

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