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Another Success Story

ryan-with-patient-blog-post-6-30We regularly experience wonderful success stories in our clinics as we help our patients improve their hearing. Recently, Dr. Whitaker had a neat experience with a new patient. This patient had been wearing hearing aids for many years and her most recent set of hearing aids had been obtained at another clinic several years ago. She reported thatone didn’t work, and she didn’t like the other one.” After carefully listening to her needs and after a thorough evaluation it was decided that new hearing aids would be the best option. Together, she and Dr. Whitaker selected new, small, state-of-the art hearing aids.

She has been in her new hearing aids for two months now and she is doing really well! She likes the improved sound and the ability to hear in meetings, in social settings, and with her husband. She wears them regularly and has a great attitude. At her most recent visit, she stated, I enjoy wearing my hearing aids because I want to hear!”

If you or a loved one is struggling with hearing aids, we would love to help. Come experience the difference of seeing a caring Doctor of Audiology at one of our clinics. Our doctors will listen to you and develop a hearing treatment plan tailored to your lifestyle. Come experience success!

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