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Answers From Your Audiologist: Can Tinnitus Be Cured?


The short answer to the question, “Can tinnitus be cured?” is no, unfortunately. But that doesn’t mean that plenty of people haven’t tried to pretend they have the cure for tinnitus.

Here at Hearing & Balance Doctors, our doctors of audiology offer real education on tinnitus and can provide you with ways to manage your tinnitus so that it no longer impacts your life.

Debunking Fake Tinnitus “Cures”

As tinnitus cannot be perceived by anyone but the person suffering from tinnitus, there are a number of so-called cures for tinnitus being promoted online, on TV, and everywhere else products can have an ad placed, which claims to reduce or eliminate the user’s tinnitus. The treatments which rely on pills, hypnotherapy, injection, and other forms of homeopathy, often have a short-term placebo effect but no permanent change is made.

Sometimes medication is effective in assisting with tinnitus, as tinnitus can be triggered by underlying medical conditions such as hypertension and diabetes. However, no doctor will tell you that the medication will cure the tinnitus, only help manage that particular trigger.

But just because there is no cure for tinnitus doesn’t mean you have to just suffer through the unrelenting sound. Instead, by working with audiologists at Hearing & Balance Doctors, you can receive quality tinnitus treatment and management tools.

Manage Your Tinnitus With Hearing & Balance Doctors

Depending on the severity of your tinnitus and whether or not you also have hearing loss, our doctors of audiology have several options to help you manage your tinnitus.

  • Progressive tinnitus management plan – As tinnitus can become worse over time, our doctors of audiology can help develop an individualized plan to help you manage your tinnitus.
  • Hearing aids – Not only can hearing aids assist people in overcoming hearing loss, but they can also be utilized for tinnitus. Some hearing aid users don’t even have hearing loss, but the tinnitus support built into their hearing aids made them ideal for continual, on-the-spot tinnitus management as they can be used as tiny sound generators which emit soothing background noise. Our audiologists can recommend the right ones for your tinnitus.
  • Tinnitus retraining therapy – A great treatment option is tinnitus retraining therapy, which helps train your brain to ignore your tinnitus. Once your brain knows how to ignore your tinnitus, you will live a freer life.
  • Sound generators – If your tinnitus primarily bothers you at night or at random intervals, a sound generator may be the right solution for you. Depending on your tinnitus needs, our doctors of audiology will help you determine what kind of sound generator will help you best.

To take control of your tinnitus, contact us for a tinnitus consultation with one of our doctors of audiology.

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