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Audiologist Monthly: Considering Inside-The-Ear Hearing Aids?

There are many styles of hearing aids available to choose from for when you need to choose hearing aids for yourself. If you have heard of inside-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids and are considering them for yourself, our audiologists have some things you may want to consider before choosing inside-the-ear hearing aids.

What Inside-The-Ear Hearing Aids Are Like

ITE hearing aids are the largest of the hearing aids which are designed to sit inside your ear canal. The microphone of these hearing aids are located inside your ear canal and the body of hearing aid will sit inside the inner shell of your ear. This style of hearing aid can be seen more easily than other hearing aids which are designed to sit in your ear canal.

Pros Of Inside-The-Ear Hearing Aids

Due to the larger size of the ITE hearing aids, there are many benefits to using this style of hearing aids. Some of the pros of choosing ITE hearing aids are:

  • Allows for a larger battery, which means the battery will last longer than some of the smaller hearing aid batteries. It also makes changing out the batteries a little easier.
  • Greater volume control available due to the larger size.
  • A directional microphone is available on ITE hearing aids, allowing you to focus on the sounds you want to hear.
  • Can be easier to handle as it is larger than other canal-sitting hearing aids.

Potential Cons Of Inside-The-Ear Hearing Aids

No style of hearing aid is perfect and free of potential downsides. It all depends on you and your lifestyle preferences. Some of the potential cons of ITE hearing aids are:

  • ITE hearing aids are much more visible to others than other hearing aids which go in your ear canal. As the ITE hearing aids are designed to fill up a good portion of your ear shell, these are not the idea hearing aids if you want to conceal your hearing aid usage.
  • As the directional microphone is level with the outer shell of your ear, the ITE hearing aids are more prone to picking up the sound made by wind than other, less obtrusive hearing aids.
  • Due to its position inside your ear canal and outer ear shell, the ITE hearing aids can be prone to earwax build up and damage due to sweat. Extra care will need to be given during nightly cleanings to keep these hearing aids free of any debris.

Where To Find A Selection Of Inside-The-Ear Hearing Aids

If you are interested in ITE hearing aids or any other style of hearing aids, you can contact us here at the Hearing & Balance Doctors. We have hundreds of hearing aids in a wide variety of styles and brands. Our audiologists will not only ensure you receive the right hearing aids but also ensure that they are perfectly fitted for your needs.

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