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Audiologist Monthly: Doctors Of Audiology Pay Close Attention To Detail

There are many terms thrown around when it comes to hearing-related services, such as hearing instrument specialist, doctor of audiology, hearing specialist, hearing doctor, and more. With all these different titles, it can be difficult to identify whose services will yield superior results. So, for this month’s Audiologist Monthly, we wanted to focus on why a doctor of audiology’s attention to detail raises them above the rest of the available hearing professionals.

A Doctor Of Audiology Has Greater Resouces

A hearing professional who has received a doctorate in audiology has a deep understanding of hearing loss as well as a comprehensive knowledge of balance problem treatment as it relates to hearing. This type of hearing professional has pursued extensive higher education, from their initial bachelor’s degree, an audiologist will have to attend a 4-year graduate program to receive their doctorate of audiology.

The doctoral program for audiologists is not a pure classroom endeavor. Aspiring doctors of audiology must spend thousands of hours providing supervised care under a more experienced doctor of audiology, as well as having the options to train in specialized types of hearing loss care, such as geriatric hearing loss.  Having this greater store of knowledge and training helps audiology doctors to more easily recognize hearing loss issues which may baffle less-knowledgeable providers.

Audiologists Offer More In-Depth Hearing Services

Many hearing specialists who lack the education of a doctor of audiology can only offer hearing exams and basic hearing aid fittings. By working with a doctor of audiology, there are many more hearing services which are available to correct hearing issues. Some of the most common doctors of audiology offered hearing services are:

  • Comprehensive hearing test
  • Diagnosis of auditory processing disorders (APD)
  • Balance evaluation
  • Hearing aid counseling and dispensing
  • Tinnitus treatments
  • Cerumen (earwax) removal

Doctors Of Audiology Perform Detailed Work With All Ages

There are not many hearing professionals who are qualified to work with all ages, but doctors of audiology can work with everyone from infants to senior adults. This versatility is important as the sooner hearing loss is recognized and treated by an audiologist, as children who suffer from hearing loss tend to miss important milestones and adults with hearing loss have the potential to develop dementia as well as other side effects of prolonged hearing loss.

To work with a hearing specialist who is a doctor of audiology, contact us for an appointment. Along with the years of experience our audiologists have, they also are all doctors of audiology and are committed to providing the most detailed hearing loss and balance care possible.

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