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Audiologist Monthly: Valuable Resources From The Hearing Loss Association Of America

Audiologist Monthly: Valuable Resources From The Hearing Loss Association Of America

Let’s face it, when most people suspect something is wrong with them, they will look up possible symptoms online before talking to a medical professional. This isn’t a bad instinct but it can be difficult to find reputable resources who are knowledgeable in regards to hearing loss and other medically sensitive conditions.

One organization we would like to highlight as a valuable hearing loss resource is Hearing Loss Association Of America (HLAA). If you are concerned that you have an issue with your hearing but aren’t quite ready to visit our audiologists, then try out some of their hearing loss tools.

Preventing Hearing Loss

Even if you have damaged your hearing, it is still not too late to protect your remaining hearing. The HLAA has a comprehensive resource on things that can potentially cause damage to your hearing. Some highlights of this resource are:

  • Ototoxic drugs – There are a wide variety of drugs which can temporarily and sometimes permanently damage your hearing. HLAA has examples of drugs you should be wary of taking.
  • Noise-induced – A common source of hearing loss comes from noise which we could have protected our hearing from. The HLAA website has many insights on how to protect your hearing from common sources of noise you and your children are likely to encounter.
  • Decibel chart – It can be hard to contextualize just how loud is too loud, so the HLAA included a decibel chart with comparable noises so you can see which ones are too loud.

Hearing Loss Diagnosis

If you are looking for a hearing loss test from the HLAA, you would be disappointed but they are right not to offer one. An online hearing test will tell you more about the quality of your speakers and not much about your actually hearing. Our audiologists have to perform a series of tests, inquire about your medical history, and check behavioral responses.

Instead of feeding you false diagnostic information, the HLAA gives several recommendations of who can diagnose your hearing loss properly. These medical professionals are:

  • Ears, Nose, and Throat doctor (may refer you to audiologist for more tests)
  • Primary care physician (may refer you to audiologist for more tests)
  • Audiologist

While it can be difficult to find good hearing loss-related resources online, we do think the HLAA website is a good tool for those dealing with hearing loss. For more resource, feel free to read through the Hearing and Balance Doctors blog then set up an appointment with one of our audiologists when you feel ready to gain control of your hearing.

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