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Hearing & Balance Doctors is currently open. We are taking special measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 including offering a curbside service for hearing aids. Please call 435-688-8991 for more information. Utah: 435-688-8991 | Nevada: 702-896-0031
Hearing & Balance Doctors is currently open. We are taking special measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 including offering a curbside service for hearing aids. Please call 435-688-8991 for more information. Utah: 435-688-8991 | Nevada: 702-896-0031

Call Your Audiologist If You’re Experiencing Any of These 3 Things


If you don’t have a family member that has worked with an audiologist, you may not be aware of the various health considerations that audiologists can help you. As audiologists focus on your hearing health care and the related issues that can come up with hearing problems, you should be sure to call an audiologist if you are experiencing hearing loss, tinnitus, or balance disorders.

For the best care possible, Hearing & Balance Doctors are here to help. Our doctors of audiology have an expansive education and experience when it comes to your hearing health needs, and they can help you overcome your hearing-related struggles.

Our Audiologists Can Help With Hearing Loss

Commonly, our doctors of audiology see individuals that are suffering from hearing loss. Usually, their hearing loss has progressed to the point where it is at least moderately impacted the person’s life. Rather than waiting for this level of hearing loss, it is best to correct hearing loss early.

Signs You Have Hearing Loss

To help you recognize the signs of hearing loss so that you can know when you should call our audiologist, here are some of the most common signs that you have hearing loss.

  • You find you often have to ask people to repeat themselves.
  • The volume that you listen to things such as TV, movies, music, is uncomfortably loud for others since it is at or near the max volume.
  • Socializing with others, especially in a group, is difficult as the sounds and words tend to blur together.
  • Higher frequencies are harder to hear, whether they be sounds or the speech of women and children.
  • You often are disoriented when it comes to sound directionality.

In many cases, people spend years ignoring these signs of hearing loss. Consequently, their hearing can become worse, as well as suffering from social isolation, depression, and increased cognitive decline risks. Instead of having that in your future, you can contact our doctors of audiology for help.

How Our Audiologists Help With Hearing Loss

If you suspect that you have hearing loss, our audiologist can provide you with a diagnostic hearing evaluation. This evaluation covers multiple steps, from taking your medical history to having you undergo a series of tests to evaluate your currently hearing.

Once these tests have been completed, one of our audiologists will go over the information with you, helping to identify what type of hearing loss you have and the level of loss you are experiencing. From there, our audiologists can help you find the right hearing aids and have you test different ones in-office to help you gain an idea of how the hearing aids can assist with your hearing loss.

Resolves Tinnitus Symptoms With Help From Our Audiologists

While most people will experience temporary tinnitus a few times during their lives, those who suffer from continuous tinnitus symptoms may struggle to find any relief from general medical practitioners. Often, the advice is to simply learn to live with the constant sound of the person’s tinnitus, which isn’t the most helpful for someone who is struggling to function around their tinnitus.

Instead of trying to ignore your tinnitus, you can work with our doctors of audiology and create a plan to actively manage your tinnitus symptoms.

What Our Audiologists Do To Help With Tinnitus Management

As hearing loss and tinnitus are often connected, our doctors of audiology will have you take a hearing evaluation. That way, if you do have hearing loss, using hearing aids can help you dampen your tinnitus as your ears will receive more sounds outside of the phantom tinnitus sounds.

Even if you don’t have hearing loss, our audiologists will also consider various other factors such as your medical history. Those with head or neck injuries or high blood pressure may struggle with tinnitus and the solution may require further medical intervention. However, if there are no outward signs of your tinnitus, our doctors of audiology can still help.

Along with creating a personalized tinnitus management plan, our audiologist can provide you with options. There is tinnitus retraining therapy, where our doctors of audiology help you retrain your brain to properly process and ignore the sound of your tinnitus. You may also be recommended hearing aids that come with built-in tinnitus support, which will allow you to manage your tinnitus with greater finesse.

Contact Us For Assistance With Balance Disorders

Your inner ear can have a significant impact on your balance. Should something go wrong in this area, you can struggle with various balance issues ranging from your vision blurring to frequent dizziness.

While it is normal to occasionally experience lightheadedness or some dizziness if you are overheated or other short-term issues if you are regularly experiencing balance issues, you should contact us for a balance evaluation with our audiologists.

Have A Balance Evaluation From Our Audiologists

As falling is a serious issue especially for seniors, it is important to catch balance issues early and have them addressed. That’s why it is highly recommended that you have a balance evaluation once you notice you have been having ongoing balance problems.

Once you book an appointment for a balance evaluation, you will have instructions that will help ensure you have the most accurate testing. After you arrive, our doctors of audiology will take a thorough medical history to identify any underlying issues which may contribute to your balance issues.

After that is completed, our audiologists will have a range of tests to help pinpoint the source of your balance issues, checking for hearing loss, postural issues, and other things which may contribute to your balance disorder. With these tests, our audiologists will be able to present you with a treatment plan or a referral to other specialists for further testing.

Rely On Hearing & Balance Doctors For Hearing Health Care

Rather than turning to a primary care physician who may not have the training to help you with your hearing and balance needs, you can go directly to specialists to receive assistance. Hearing & Balance Doctors have helped many people overcome their hearing loss, tinnitus, and balance issues over the years and they are ready to help you as well.  

Also, our doctors of audiology also can assist current patients with hearing aids from a distance. As long as you have received hearing aids which allow for telehealth updates, our audiologists can make alterations to your hearing aids programming to provide you with a better listening experience, even without you coming into one of our hearing clinics!

With the help of our doctors of audiology, you can overcome hearing loss, balance disorders, and actively manage your tinnitus. Contact us today to enjoy the best hearing health care possible.

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