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Utah: 435-688-8991 Nevada: 702-896-0031

Case Study – Hearing on the phone

We recently saw a 67 year old female who presented with a progressive hearing loss over a 20 year period. She has worn hearing aids for approximately 10 years with some success. She did not have any associated vertigo or imbalance.

woman-with-phoneShe is currently working at a job that requires lots of phone time. She struggles to hear with her current hearing aids.

With this history in mind, we did a full Audiologic Evaluation, paying close attention to her ability to understand speech.

After performing a thorough test and case history, we decided on a Hearing Treatment Plan – Hearing Device that could be paired with a “mini-mic” streaming device. We specifically chose a streaming device that could be adapted to a standard landline phone.

At the patient’s 3 month follow up appointment her feedback was all positive. She has loved how discreet her Hearing Device has been. But she has enjoyed the sound quality and comfort even more. It has been so comfortable in fact, that on several occasions she has forgotten to remove the hearing aids before going to bed.

Perhaps the greatest improvement for this patient was the ability to use the phone without difficulty. This was an area of great concern due to the need to use the phone for her employment. With the wireless streaming capabilities of Personal Hearing Treatment Plan and the easy to use streaming device – mini-mic, phone use has became “normal again”.

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