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Current technology has made hearing on the telephone easier than ever.

Many of the patients we see have difficulty hearing on the telephone. Current technology has made hearing on the telephone easier than ever. Dr. Whitaker recently met with a patient who has had hearing loss most of her life as the result of a childhood illness. Her hearing loss is severe to profound in nature making communication on the telephone almost impossible. Several months ago, she was fitted with a device called the Phone Clip Plus. This device allows her to hear phone conversations through her hear hearing aids! She hears the phone in both ears, the sound is amplified according to her hearing loss, and she is hands-free. After her recent follow-up visit, she reported that the Phone Clip Plus is “wonerful! I couldn’t live without it” she said.

phone-clip-picutre-dr-w-ivaIn addition to devices like the Phone Clip Plus, there are other solutions to hearing better on the telephone. One other example is the Caption Call telephone. This is a land-line telephone with a large screen that is capable of captioning a conversation in real time. In other words, hearing impaired patients are able to read the phone conversation as it takes place. This phone is typically subsidized by the government and, with approval from your audiologist, can often be obtained at little to no cost.

In today’s world, there is no reason to continue to struggle to hear on the telephone. Our team of dedicated audiologists is here to help. If you or a loved one is having trouble hearing on the telephone, schedule an appointment today. Come experience the difference at Hearing & Balance Doctors of Utah!

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