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Diabetes and Hearing Loss

At the last ADA (Academy of Doctors of Audiology) Conference, our Doctors of Audiology were taught about the latest hearing aid technologies, hearing loss treatment plans, and other hearing health related topics. One of those included the effect of Diabetes on hearing loss. Because several of the doctors in our clinics have families that are effected by diabetes, this was of particular interest. While effects of Diabetes can consist of visual difficulties, numbness in the extremities and even vital organ failure, recent studies have revealed that diabetics are 70-80% more likely to acquire/have Sensorineural Hearing Loss as well as Tinnitus (Ringing in the ears and other auditory phenomena) when compared to those without. And while people in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s are more commonly diagnosed with hearing loss and tinnitus, those with diabetes, on average have 30-40% greater hearing loss than others with â??age related’ hearing loss. These finding reinforce the importance of checking hearing regularly. Checking your hearing early and regularly, once a year, allows our Doctors of Audiology to suggest a treatment plan that allows you to continue enjoying the sounds of life.

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