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Utah: 435-688-8991 Nevada: 702-896-0031

Hear For the Holidays 2015

hear-for-the-holidaysAt our clinic, we love the holiday season. It is a wonderful time to focus on friends, family, and loved ones. Every year during the holidays, we give away free hearing aids to deserving candidates; we call this contest “Hear for the Holidays.” It has become one of our favorite traditions at the clinic. This year was no exception. As in years past, we had many nominees and had a difficult time choosing the winners. We had 3 winners this year including a young man who has had significant hearing loss his whole life, a long-time user of hearing aids who could not afford a new aid and desperately needed one, and a woman with significant hearing loss that has never worn hearing aids.

After being fit with hearing aids for the first time, one of our winners delivered a hand-written thank you note that read “Thank you so very much for my new hearing aids. I truly feel blessed that I was chosen. It’s been a whole new world since last Monday! Everyone treated me like family. Thank you for giving me back the gift of hearing.”

Our doctors and staff loving helping people to hear better and we often develop close relationships to our patients. But our Hear for the Holidays program is always very emotional and extra special. Hugs are often exchanged and tears are commonly shed. We have felt very blessed to be able to give the gift of hearing to a few people in our community once again this holiday season.

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