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Utah: 435-688-8991 Nevada: 702-896-0031

Hear For the Holidays Contest

Every year during the holiday season, our clinic runs a program known as Hear for the Holidays. It is a program in which we give away several sets of digital hearing aids to deserving candidates. We ask that people in the community nominate friends or family members for this wonderful opportunity by writing a letter telling us why their nominee is deserving of this gift.

The letters that we receive annually are always touching and heartfelt. It is not uncommon for our doctors and staff to cry as we read about all of the deserving nominees. Choosing a winner is often very difficult, as we wish we could give the gift of hearing to all of the nominees. This year was no exception. For example, we received a letter nominating a young father who lost his hearing due to cancer treatment and subsequently lost his job because of his prolonged treatments. We received another letter nominating a disabled individual who has worn hearing aids for many years, but recently broke his hearing aids and his insurance no longer covers aids. We also received a group of seven letters all nominating the same individual! One of the letters in this campaign contained the following statement: “This person is a deserving candidate because he is always serving others and asks nothing in return. It would be nice to have this for him if only so he can hear Life again. He misses out on so much.”

This year we had 6 winners! This is a record for our clinic. We are in the process of fitting all 6 of our winners so that they can hear better in time for the Christmas holiday.

Helping people hear their loved ones and connect with friends and family is extremely rewarding. We feel very blessed as a clinic to be able to witness this small miracle on a regular basis. We especially love the season of giving and feel fortunate that we were able to give the gift of hearing to a few deserving individuals in our community this holiday season.

Dr. Ryan M. Whitaker

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