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Hearing Aid Heroes: Collette Ramsey-Baker

Those hearing aid heroes the Hearing & Balance Doctors have recognized previously have been able to achieve great things despite their hearing loss. But none of them have overcome their hearing loss then decided to give back to the hearing impaired community like Collette Ramsey-Baker.

Collette Ramsey-Baker: A Legacy Of Hearing

Born in 1918, Collette experienced a substantial amount of hearing loss until she was 35 years old. Due to her kind of hearing loss which deal with nonoperative middle ear bones, hearing aids could not improve her condition, though they can for other types of hearing loss.

She underwent an early fenestration operation, which operation bypassed her nonfunctioning middle ear bones and allowed her to regain her hearing. To express her gratitude and help others struggling with hearing loss, Collette wanted to donate to a nonprofit dedicated to researching hearing and balance issues, but none existed. So she founded the Deafness Research Foundation in 1958, and she was able to lead it through many hearing-related breakthroughs. Her work was recognized by people such as Hellen Keller, Cardinal Francis Spellman, and two American presidents. This outstanding woman passed when she was 91 years old on May 9, 2010.

Hearing Health Foundation

Collette’s nonprofit,  Deafness Research Foundation, continues to thrive to this day. They have renamed themselves the Hearing Health Foundation in 2011 to reflect the hope and optimism of their mission, which is to prevent and cure hearing loss and tinnitus through research as well as promote hearing health. Some of their accomplishments are:

  • Providing funding for cochlear implants research
  • Gave grants to assist the investigation of prevention and treatment of middle ear infections
  • Advocated for legislation which increased newborn hearing tests
  • Launched an educational program which focused on prevention of noise-induced hearing loss
  • Granted funding for tinnitus research
  • Create the Hearing Restoration Project to develop a cure for some acquired kinds of hearing loss

If you have been looking for a hearing foundation to support, you may want to consider the Hearing Health Foundation. Also, along with the great strides they have made in the field of hearing loss, this foundation has received several awards related to their transparent use of financial resources

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