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Hearing Aid Heroes: Hearing Health Foundation

At Hearing & Balance Doctors, we’re devoted to providing exceptional treatment for people living with hearing loss, tinnitus, balance problems and related issues. It’s a mission that dovetails perfectly with that of Hearing Health Foundation.

Why Hearing Health Foundation Is A Hearing Aid Hero

Every day, Hearing Health Foundation works to help the millions of people living with hearing loss, tinnitus, balance impairment and related issues. Its goals include:

  • Funding pioneering research on hearing and balance health.
  • Providing education treating and preventing hearing and balance problems.
  • Putting a face on otological ailments like hearing loss, tinnitus and disequilibrium, underscoring that these conditions can strike anyone at any time.

These lofty and laudable aims are why our audiologists at Hearing & Balance Doctors consider Hearing Health Foundation one of our Hearing Aid Heroes.

Hearing Health Foundation Funds Critical Research

Donations to Hearing Health Foundation are used to fund research in often-neglected areas via the nonprofit’s Emerging Research Grants (ERG) program. Contributions to the ERG program are exponential, with National Institutes of health matching—on average—every dollar Hearing Health Foundation invests in ERG scientists with $91.

Scientists who’ve received yearlong ERG grants have made headway in finding ways to make cancer drugs less damaging to hearing and exploring the links between hearing loss and conditions like diabetes, heart and kidney disease. Other ERG grants have covered:

  • Central Auditory Processing Disorder
  • Hearing loss in children
  • Hyperacusis
  • Méniére’s disease
  • Tinnitus
  • Usher syndrome

Hearing Health Foundation Provides Free Education

Hearing Health Foundation produces a quarterly magazine called “Hearing Health,” just one way the nonprofit seeks to educate the public as well as doctors, audiologists and hearing instrument specialists. You can subscribe for free to this magazine, which shares information on treating and preventing hearing loss and related issues as well as updates on the latest scientific developments in the realm of otology.

Other ways Hearing Health Foundation seeks to educate is through its Hearing Health Blog , which covers an array of useful topics. A recent entry, for instance, explores the connection between wearing hearing aids and improving brain function and memory.

Hearing Health Foundation has also produced a short documentary, “Hearing Hope,” which is viewable online. It invites viewers to “enter the world of hearing loss” and shares why the problem of hearing loss should be brought into the light rather than hidden. It also explains how Hearing Health foundation is working to improve the lives of people with hearing loss and related issues.

Hearing Health Foundation Puts A Face on Hearing Loss

There are many prevailing misconceptions about hearing and balance impairment and tinnitus. For instance, many people believe hearing loss is confined to senior citizens, a myth that may prevent younger people from seeking the help they need.

Hearing Health Foundation wants everyone to understand no one is immune to losing their hearing and/or equilibrium or developing distressing conditions like tinnitus. With this in mind, they’ve launched their Faces of Hearing Loss campaign. More than a hundred people—men, women and children—have submitted photographs of themselves along with a brief explanation of their condition.

If you have hearing or balance loss, tinnitus or a similar condition, you are invited to do the same. It’s a visual aid rather than a hearing aid, but its one that can help the millions of americans with hearing loss and related issues understand they’re not alone.

Making a difference in the lives of people with problems like hearing and balance loss or tinnitus starts at home. If you or someone you love is struggling with one of these conditions, contact us at Hearing And Balance Doctors. Our doctors of audiology are ready to lend an ear as well as expert support.

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