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Hearing Aid Tech Update: Oticon Hearing Aid Fitness Tracker

Hearing Aid Tech Update: Oticon Hearing Aid Fitness Tracker

Our doctors of Audiology can help you sort through the many options for hearing loss treatment. Each patient has a different need when it comes to sizing and fine-tuning their hearing aids. Today’s hearing technology caters to many unique needs including water-proof hearing aids, hearing aids specifically for tinnitus treatment, and more. A particularly exciting innovation in hearing aid technology is Oticon’s development of a hearing aid app which will allow you to track your hearing fitness from your hearing aids.

What Oticon HearingFitness App Tracks

Proving that you really can find an app for everything, the Oticon HearingFitness app utilizes your hearing aids to help improve your hearing. Some of what the app does is:

  • Track how long you wear your hearing aids. Depending on how long you wear your hearing aids, the app will either congratulate you or prompt you to wear them longer.
  • Assess the types of hearing environments you are in. You can see a report of what kinds of sound environments you have been in throughout the day and receive feedback on how they are affecting you.
  • Gives encouragement and advice concerning your hearing. Regular encouraging updates can be received from the app along with advice on how to improve your hearing wellness.
  • Syncs with other fitness trackers for additional data. The Oticon HearingFitness app can sync with a variety of other wearable tracking data so you can have a complete picture of how your hearing is affected by your habits.

While there are many Oticon hearing aids, the app is only compatible with Oticon Opn hearing aids. Other features included with Oticon Opn hearing aids are:

  • ConnectClip – Using Bluetooth, the ConnectClip can sync your phone directly to your hearing aids. Play music or listen to your phone calls all from your hearing aids.
  • Tinnitus SoundSupport – Find relief from your tinnitus symptoms with Opn Tinnitus SoundSupport, which will allow you to play soothing background sounds such as ocean sounds.
  • Styles – Opn hearing aids come in a variety of styles to suit your personality and lifestyle.

The Oticon HearingFitness app is projected to be released on the app store for all consumers in the first few months of 2018.

Where To Find Oticon Hearing Aids

Hearing Doctors are proud to work with a wide variety of Oticon hearing aids. So whether you want the tech-enhanced Opn hearing aids, the tinnitus-improving Nera2, or other Oticon hearing aids, our audiologists can help you find what you want. Contact us today for an appointment and start enjoying your hearing again.

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