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Hearing Aid Tech Update: Programming Your Hearing Aid From 1000 Miles Away

As hearing needs change, it can be hard to make it into our audiology office to have your hearing aids properly adjusted to your new needs. Yet, thanks to continually developing hearing technology, hearing aids can now have their hearing software adjusted without you needing to come into our office.

How Distance Hearing Aid Reprogramming Works

Should your hearing aids meet the requirements for distance reprogramming, you can contact our audiologists when you need an adjustment. You will need to open your hearing aid-related smartphone app while using a secure internet connection, as the app will act as a link between your Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids and the audiologists hearing aid fitting software.

Once the link is established, our audiologists can work directly on your hearing aids, adjusting issues in real-time for the most effective reprogramming. There is also the added bonus of you being able to give instant feedback as our audiologists adjust your hearing aids, as you can connect with our audiologists via video conference as they make adjustments.

Who Is Affected By Hearing Aid Distance Programming

For those who have the time and ability to come into the audiology office whenever they need a hearing aid adjustment, distance hearing aid programming may not be as impressive. Yet, for more rural communities and underdeveloped nations who do not have nearby hearing services providers, being able to have their hearing aids adjusted even at a distance can make improved hearing far more accessible.

Which Hearing Aid Brands Allow Distance Programming

If you are interested in hearing aids which allow for distance reprogramming, you will need to have hearing aids which fall within these hearing aid brands:

  • Oticon
  • Phonak
  • Starkey
  • ReSound

Now, not all the hearing aids which are made by these hearing aid manufacturers are able to engage in distance reprogramming. While it is likely that this will change in the coming decades, as of now, only Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids from these brands are able to sync up with distance audiology fitting software.

Hearing & Balance Doctors Offer Cutting-Edge Hearing Technology

Not all hearing specialists can provide this new hearing service, but the Hearing & Balance Doctors make sure to stay on top of the latest developments in the hearing improvement field. If you would like to work with the best hearing services providers in Southern Utah, then contact us today for an appointment.  Our audiologists will help you take control of your hearing so you can start enjoying the world of sound all around you.

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