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Hearing Aid Technology That Would Appeal To Youth

Hearing Aid Technology That Would Appeal To Youth

It can be hard for adults to accept they have hearing loss when told by their audiologist. For young people facing hearing loss, it can be even more difficult, since they likely didn’t expect to deal with hearing loss until decades later, if at all.

So if your child is fighting the use of hearing aids, they may find advanced hearing aid tech both intriguing and worth putting up with.

Low-Visibility Hearing Aids

If your child doesn’t want their hearing aids visible, they have a couple of options to help keep their hearing loss to themselves.

In the canal hearing aids (ITC) sit in the ear canal with only a small portion visible at the opening of the ear canal. The positives of this type of device are:

  • Easy to put in ear
  • Barely visible outside ear
  • Volume control
  • Directional microphone

The downsides of ITC hearing aids are:

  • Potentially have earwax cover the speaker
  • Small battery needs more changing
  • Can be difficult to use since it is small

The other type of low-visibility hearing aids are completely in the canal (CIC)/invisible in the canal (IIC). The positives of these devices are:

  • Least detectable of all hearing aids
  • Easy removal and insertion
  • No wind noise interference

The downside of CIC/IIC hearing aids are:

  • Small battery needs more frequent replacing
  • Small unit can be hard to handle
  • Can be vulnerable to earwax buildup
  • No directional microphone or volume control

Hearing Aid App

If your kid is already glued to their smartphone, then these smart hearing aids may peak their interest. From the app, your child can stream their media directly to their hearing aids, cutting out all background noise that may be interrupting their enjoyment of their favorite music and shows.

The smart hearing aids also automatically adjust to the wearer’s environment, be it noisy concert, windy playground or lunch rooms. With the app, you child can define how wide of an area they want to pick sound up from and then the hearing aids will automatically work within those boundaries.

Waterproof Hearing Aids For Active Kids

The Aquaris Micon is the only completely waterproof hearing aid currently on the market. Others are water-resistant, but when it comes to children, water-resistant isn’t always enough.

To keep from having to curb your active child’s activities, you may want to equip them with the Aquaris. It has an attachable sports clip for greater security, and the device’s earpiece is made of molded rubber to allow complete immersion with no worries.

Dealing with hearing loss at a young age can be difficult but hopefully some of these advancements in hearing aid technology can ease your child into wearing hearing aids with comfort.

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