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Hearing Aid Tip Of The Month: Avoid Exposing Children To Loud Environments

Most parents would not knowingly endanger their children’s hearing. However, it is not always obvious when an environment is too loud for a child’s sensitive hearing. To help parents identify situations which are too loud for children, our audiologists want to share their insights.

Children Have More Sensitive Hearing Than Adults

Infants and children have far more sensitive hearing than adults as the fine hairs in their inner ears are more intact than adults. This sensitivity means they often can hear a wider frequency range than adults, making things like the hair dryer being on a painful sound. Also, like in adults, these hairs are vulnerable to become damaged by loud noises.

If your child expresses discomfort with the sound level they are experiencing, do your best to lower the noise level, whether it means turning down the volume or providing your child with earplugs. Parents who do not respond quickly to this distress can leave varying degrees of hearing loss in their children.

Helpful Guidelines For Parents Regarding Child-Appropriate Sound Levels

You don’t have to guess or rely on your child to know when they are experiencing discomfort with a loud environment. When it comes to what may damage your child’s hearing, our hearing doctors have some clear guidelines to share:

  • Limit the max volume on any tablet or device your young child has access to.
  • Young children have a hard time distinguishing between sounds produced by the TV, which can affect their speech and comprehension development.
  • Children should never use earbuds and should only use headphones sparingly.
  • No media should exceed 50% of the max possible volume.
  • Parents should bring earplugs for children who will be attending sporting events or concerts with them.

As some of the most common causes of hearing loss are due to noise damage, it is essential to stick to these guidelines to protect your children’s hearing.

Have Your Children’s Hearing Tested

It is essential to have your children’s hearing checked. Our audiologists will be able to identify if their hearing has been damaged by loud noise exposure and advise you concerning your children’s hearing needs.

Should your child have hearing loss, our doctors of audiology can help. Between providing hearing devices like pediatric hearing aids to help children correct speech issues which may have come up due to hearing loss, you can trust that our hearing specialists can help your child.

To set up hearing tests for your family, feel free to contact us today.

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