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Hearing Aid Tips Of The Month: Stick To A Routine Of Regular Hearing Aid Maintenance For Longer Lasting Hearing Aids

When you invest in your hearing and receive hearing aids, you will need to perform regular maintenance on them to ensure they last as long as possible. If you aren’t sure how to go about building a regular maintenance routine, read through our recommendations.

Daily Hearing Aid Maintenence Tasks

There are some maintenance tasks which will require you to perform them daily to keep your hearing aids in top shape. These tasks are best performed in the evening after you are done using your hearing aids for the day. The tasks are:

  • Soft wipe down – With a soft, dry cloth, wipe down the casing of your hearing aids. This will help keep moisture and earwax from building up.
  • Battery door open – If you leave your hearing aids’ battery doors close, the hearing aids will continue to draw on the power and drastically shorten the life of the batteries. Also, the continual charge flowing through the hearing aid can wear the device out sooner. So, be sure to pop the doors of each hearing aid open as you take them out for the evening.
  • Store in a secure area – There are some hearing aid users which simply place their hearing aids loose on their bedside table.  This can create issues if you accidentally knock them off or set anything on top of them. Best practices recommend you store your hearing aids in a secure container where they are not likely to be damaged.
  • Recharge (optional) – Some styles of hearing aids come with the ability to recharge your hearing aids instead of using small batteries. If yours are rechargeable, be sure to place them on the recharging station nightly.

Weekly Maintenence Hearing Aid Care

Some of the maintenance you need to do on your hearing aids can take place weekly with no ill-effects on your hearing aids. You can do these tasks daily but it is not necessary. The tasks in question are:

  • Use earwax pick on openings – Using a hearing tool called a vent pick, clean around the hearing aid openings to remove any earwax build up. You should also have a small hearing aid brush to help remove dislodged wax.
  • Remove batteries to clean inside – Carefully remove your hearing aids’ batteries and clean inside the door of your hearing aids. Also, clean the inside area of the hearing aid that the open battery doors expose.
  • Check and clean tubing – Behind-The-Ear styles of hearing aids have tubing which requires weekly cleaning to keep earwax from building up. You can use a hearing aid pick to clean out the tubing and many allow for disassembly.

When To Visit Our Audiologists For Maintenence

If you have compacted earwax, a damaged hearing aid, or just help with changing your batteries out, you can stop by the Hearing & Balance Doctors to receive maintenance help from our audiologists. Contact us today to set up an appointment so we can help you take the best care of your hearing aids.

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