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Hearing Health: Common Signs Of Progressive Hearing Loss

As hearing loss is commonly a progressive issue, it can be difficult to catch it early on. It is important to deal with hearing loss early, as the longer you go without a hearing loss solution, the more damage will be done to the connection between your brain and auditory nerve. This damage is irreversible, so it is vital that you recognize the common signs of progressive hearing loss.

Unable To Hear Extreme Ends Of Sound Frequency

A key sign of progressive hearing loss is an inability to hear the extreme ends of the sound frequency. This can mean you either cannot hear low tones or high-frequency sounds. As hearing loss progresses, most individuals find that both high and low tones become lost.

Part of the hearing evaluation our audiologists performs checks for your ability to hear different frequencies. By having regular hearing evaluations, you can catch this common sign of progressive hearing loss.

Tinnitus Symptoms Become Worse

When you suffer from tinnitus, it can be fairly obvious when your symptoms become worse. Tinnitus is strongly connected to hearing loss, so as you lose more of your hearing, your tinnitus symptoms will increase. Along with managing your hearing loss, our audiologist have tinnitus treatment options available.

Difficulty Following Conversations

Many people learn to live with losing part of their sound ranges and tinnitus symptoms and dismiss the serious nature of these signs. Sometimes these signs of hearing loss can be so gradual that it can be easy to miss. However, a more obvious sign of progressive hearing loss is when you start to be unable to follow conversations easily.

When conversing one-on-one, there is likely little difficulty unless you are suffering from profound hearing loss. But if you have hearing loss and find yourself in a noisy environment, trying to converse may be difficult as you struggle to catch all of the conversation. It could be as simple as trying to talk while at a restaurant, but if you have a progressive form of hearing loss, you may struggle just to hear your tablemates.

Struggle To Understand Spoken Communication

Linked to the difficulty of following a conversation, those with progressive hearing loss find they simply cannot understand what is being said. As the connection between brain and auditory nerve degrades from progressive hearing restriction, words which used to be easy to hear and understand become frustrating puzzles. The brain needs constant input from the auditory nerve to keep up the ability to hear and understand spoken information.

One solution to make following conversations easier and to keep from spoken communication comprehension degradation from occurring, our audiologists offer a wide range of hearing services, including custom-adjusted hearing aids. Catch your progressive hearing loss early and contact us today to set up your hearing evaluation.

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