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Utah: 435-688-8991 Nevada: 702-896-0031

Hearing Loss, Dementia, & Staying Connected

Former KSL news anchor, Dick Nourse, joined our Doctors of Audiology in their most recent educational presentation.   The presentation focused on the relationship between how we hear and how our brain uses this information to help maintain vital connections.  They explained the importance of keeping our brain simulated by hearing sounds around us at a healthy and normal level and emphasized the importance of staying connected.

dick-nourse-presentation-copyThe doctors of audiology at Hearing & Balance Doctors of Utah have been reviewing the findings of recent studies showing the connection between hearing loss and memory.  In November last year, they attended a lecture by leading researcher Frank Lin.  He details the fact that hearing loss is a major contributor to dementia and other cognitive disorders.  Understanding this relationship has helped our doctors take on a more thorough evaluation process.

Most patients come in because they are struggling to hear.  Our doctors believe that evaluating how we understand sound and how the brain is processing sound is as important for success than simply evaluating the level we currently detect sounds.  We believe by gaining this insight into our patient’s conative ability, we are able to identify exact targets for improvement and give our patients hope for success in their listening environments.  We create a tailored hearing treatment plan.

Dick Nourse shared his own personal experience with hearing loss.  He appreciated key differences in the thorough testing and evaluation at Hearing & Balance Doctors of Utah.  “The other guys didn’t set me down and spend the time to explain the relationship between our hearing and how we act and react in society.”  Speaking of his first appointment with Dr. Luekenga he also said, “We talked about hearing and dementia, and I had no idea. It really made sense when he explained it to me.”

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