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Hearing Loss Highlight: Southern Utah Deaf & Hard of Hearing Program

Hearing Loss Highlight

At Hearing & Balance Doctors we believe everyone with hearing loss, no matter how profound, can thrive with a little support. So we applaud the efforts of the Southern Utah Deaf & Hard of Hearing Program, an agency that works to improve the quality of life for people throughout the region.

Southern Utah Deaf & Hard of Hearing Program (SUDHHP) is the perfect starting point for anyone who is hearing-impaired and looking for resources, both practical and emotional.

SUDHHP Provides Case Management

It’s hard enough to navigate the maze of government agencies and social services when you have healthy hearing. It’s even more daunting when you’re deaf or hard of hearing and face a communication challenge.

One of the most critical things SUDHHP does is offer case management to hearing-impaired residents. Your ASL-fluent case manager can match you with resources from the Department of Workforce Services, talking to you about:

  • Housing help
  • Seeking employment
  • Social Security income
  • Social Security disability insurance
  • Vocational rehabilitation

If you are looking for an interpreter, SUDHHP can help you locate one through the Utah Interpreter Program. If you’re in need of mental health counseling, a case manager can also help you find a therapist fluent in ASL.

SUDHHP Provides Community Education

Southern Utah Deaf & Hard of Hearing Program offers free American Sign Language classes throughout the area, classes on skills like speech reading and classes on living with hearing loss for those who are newly impaired

The agency also offers enrichment classes featuring an ASL interpreter. This includes courses in pursuits like cooking, computers, gardening, and first aid as well as classes covering pertinent topics like:

  • Advocating for your rights (like asking for an interpreter)
  • Dealing with disability discrimination

Additionally, the program offers presentations for school children on what it’s like to be deaf or hard of hearing; and to give kids tips on protecting their hearing.

The SUDHHP Educates The Public On Adaptive Technology

SUDHHP has an Outreach And Technology Program, aimed at educating the public about various adaptive technologies that can make life easier for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Representatives travel to schools, conferences, senior communities, workplaces and other venues to introduce technology like:

  • Visual alerting devices like smoke alarms and doorbells that notify with flashing lights instead of sound.
  • Devices to enhance listening
  • Devices that couple with existing technology like smartphones to transmit sound directly into hearing aids or cochlear implants.
  • Phone amplification
  • Telephone captioning

In other cases, people visit one of two facilities that serve as headquarters for the Southern Utah Deaf & Hard of Hearing Program, one in St. George and the other in Taylorsville. Each of these has an assistive technology demo lab where people can try out various listening and alerting devices.

These labs also serve as lending banks. If a visitor sees a device they think will benefit them in their day-to-day life, they can take a loaner home. This helps ensure people don’t lay out money for assistive technology before they’ve found out whether it works for them.

SUDHHP Organizes Social Events and Entertainment

One of the hallmarks of wellbeing is a sense of connection. And yet, all too often a person who is deaf or hard of hearing can become socially isolated. To combat this problem, SUDHHP organizes regular social events throughout the year aimed at people who are hearing-impaired.

These include:

  • Monthly ASL socials
  • ASL events like a family bowling night
  • Craft and game-playing socials
  • Guest speakers

At Hearing Doctors, we also strive to offer comprehensive support to anyone looking for hearing help, whether it’s fitting you with hearing aids or demonstrating some of the latest in hearing tech. Contact us today to make your appointment.

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