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How Can I Clean The Wax Out of My Ears?

how-can-i-cleanAs doctors of audiology, we are frequently asked “How can I clean my ears?” We hear of people using their car keys to dig out wax, we hear of mothers using bobby pins to clean their children’s ears, and we even see infomercials on television advertising suction vacuums to clean the ears. We will outline here three ways that we can keep our ears clean while not causing any damage to the delicate ear canal and ear drum.

1) Interestingly, our ears are self-cleaning and most of us do not need to do much to clean our ears. The skin in our ear canal acts like a miniature conveyer belt and moves the wax out toward the opening of our ear canal. The wax gets pushed to the opening of the canal and might look unappealing, but just needs to be wiped away. So, the first, and usually the best, method of cleaning the ears is simply to use a wash cloth or towel and gently wipe around the entrance to the ear canal. That’s it. Simple and effective.

2) If simply wiping out the ear canal with a wash cloth is not enough, there is one over-the-counter solution that works for some people. It is a product called Debrox (which is essentially a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide) that can be dropped into the ear canal to soften and dissolve wax. After letting the Debrox sit in the ear canal for a few minutes, the ear should carefully be flushed using a small bulb syringe.

3) The final method of cleaning the ears is to see your doctor. It is nearly impossible to see inside your own ear canal and if you are suspicious of a wax problem you should have it removed professionally. Here at our clinic we have special tools and suction vacuums (professional grade vacuums that actually work – not like those advertised on TV) that can be used to ensure a clean ear canal.

Here’s to keeping our ears clean – and doing it the right way – in 2015!

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