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How Custom Hearing Aids Fitted By Doctors Differ From Other Hearing Aids

It has been happening for awhile. You are speaking to someone, and you can’t quite make out what they are saying to you. The TV is on, but you have to turn it on louder and louder to make out the dialogue. Your car stereo is more distracting than enjoyable thanks to difficulty in understanding the lyrics to the songs, or conversations between the morning DJ’s.

Your fate was inevitable: you need a hearing aid. So you begin looking into options, and you notice that you can buy your own online for a fraction of the price. But is that really the best choice for you?

how-custom-hearing-aids-fitted-by-doctors-differ-from-other-hearing-aidsWhy Choose a Fitted Hearing Aid?

It is true that standard hearing aids bought as-is are cheaper. The problem is that they aren’t better. Your ear is a unique part of your body, and the cavity within has its own shape and size. When you buy a hearing aid without a fitting, it isn’t likely to fit the canal properly.

Not only will you not be able to hear as well as you would be able to with one custom sized to your ear, but it has additional problems. The fit may be uncomfortable, and cause some pain in the delicate bones of the ear. It could scrape the skin and cause it to break. You may even cause further damage to the eardrum because of the echo of sound.

The only way to avoid these problems is to go to your ear doctor for a custom fitting. It may cost more in the moment, but it is much cheaper in the long run. Especially if adjustments need to be made at your follow up appointment, which is very possibly as it can take time to see if your ear is coping with the settings, or needs new ones.

How To Know a Fitted Hearing Aid Is Working For You

This can be hard to tell at first, which is why a follow up appointment is so important. You will have to get used to the new sounds and their volume. You may find yourself confused at times, because it has been awhile since you have heard anything so clearly.

Ultimately, you should expect a couple of weeks to get used to your hearing aid. In the meantime the fit should be comfortable. It shouldn’t fall from the ear, but instead sit securely within the canal. There should be no pain from where it is resting.

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