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Utah: 435-688-8991 Nevada: 702-896-0031

How Our Doctors of Audiology Can Help Improve Your Hearing & Quality of Life

If you’re having trouble hearing, have previously diagnosed hearing loss, and even if you have hearing aids currently but still having trouble joining in on conversations, then schedule a visit with the Hearing & Balance Doctors.

Our Audiologists Will Pinpoint Your Hearing Loss

Our hearing clinic employs highly educated and experienced doctors of audiology. Our doctors of audiology spent thousands of hours practicing in their field, as well as going through extensive educational classes to achieve graduate degrees before they could receive their doctorates.

Doctors of Audiology are able to offer more extensive services for your hearing health than traditional hearing aid specialists. With our background in training and education, high tech equipment, and state licensing, we can more accurately pinpoint your current degree of hearing loss.

Receiving an incorrect hearing loss diagnosis or insufficient customization of their device are the main reasons why patients express dissatisfaction with their current hearing aids. But with our doctors of audiology, you will not only receive the most accurate diagnosis, but they are excited to coach you on your path to hearing rehabilitation with your selected hearing aids.

How Better Hearing Will Improve Your Life

Many patients have told us that hearing loss was something they just had to live with; but, it wasn’t until they received help from our hearing specialists, that these people recognized how much more their hearing could be restored.

Better hearing, whether it is improved by the right hearing aids or other hearing-related services, can improve your life in meaningful ways:

  • Alleviate mental fatigue – When you struggle with hearing loss, your brain has to work overtime to receive and process sounds. This extra work can leave you feeling mentally exhausted constantly. Improve hearing can help take this load off your brain.
  • Enjoy entertainment – There’s no point in going to a movie theater or play if you can’t hear what’s going on. Hearing aids with the right technology will allow you to enjoy the entertainment you used to love.
  • Rejoin the conversation – Hearing loss can leave you feeling isolated, especially in social situations. With advanced hearing technology, you can start fully participating in the activities around you.

Join The Ranks Of Those Whose Hearing Has Been Restore

We have helped countless people regain their hearing and regain control of their lives. Some of our patients have said:

Each time we visited your facility we were treated as honored guests. Ample time was spent informing us and helping us to understand and make the wise decisions. I especially like the philosophy of getting the best product without trying for perfection. 95% of perfect is fine if it will save me thousands of dollars.

Having hearing loss at the age of 24y/o was the last thing I expected to have happen to me. Because of Dr. Whitaker and his staff at Hearing and Balance, the transition to having hearing aides was much smoother than it could have been. Every single staff member is always so friendly and welcoming when I go in and they are always willing to help. I’m so grateful to have been referred to Hearing and Balance. They made devastating news bearable and have helped restore my hearing to what it was with the use of hearing aids. I will be forever grateful for the team at Hearing and Balance.

Very professional and kind team of people working to evaluate, treat, and educate each person to improve hearing needs. Not just trying to sell you expensive devices but really care about meeting your individual needs for the long run.

If you are ready to join the ranks of those who have regained their hearing thanks to the help of our doctors of audiology, schedule an appointment today.

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