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How to Clean Your Hearing Aids Properly

Your hearing aids open up the world, allowing you to hear speech and other sounds while enhancing your quality of life. By caring for and cleaning your hearing aids properly, you can help ensure that they will last for years. Hearing professionals believe you should take several steps to properly maintain your hearing aids.

how-to-clean-your-hearing-aids-properlyBasic Care of Your Hearing System

In order to keep your hearing system in optimal condition, you should maintain good ear hygiene. When you clean your ears, simply clean the exterior portion. Never insert objects, such as cotton swabs or ear candles, into your canals. If you feel you need a more thorough cleaning, make an appointment with a professional.

Never allow your hearing aids to come into contact with your makeup or hair spray. Both can block the program control, the volume control or the microphones. Remove them before you use cosmetic products. Make sure that your hands are clean and dry before touching your hearing aids, and keep them dirt-free. Be careful not to drop them. You should clean your hearing aids over something soft so that they won’t be damaged if they accidentally fall. Finally, don’t leave your hearing aids exposed to direct sunlight or heat sources to lessen the risk of damage.

Cleaning your Hearing Aids

How you clean your hearing aids will depend on the type of hearing aid system you are using, including behind-the-ear and in-ear systems.

  • Cleaning behind-the-ear systems with loudspeakers – Don’t let your loudspeaker or hearing aid get wet. Domes need to be replaced once monthly. Clean the dome and the loudspeaker every day, using a cleansing wipe. You will need to replace the loudspeaker’s protection filter every one to two months or whenever it is visibly dirty or the sound is quieter. After cleansing, dry using compressed air or an air blower on the cool setting.
  • Cleaning behind-the-ear systems with sound tubes – Once again, don’t let your hearing aid get wet. Take the sound tube off before cleaning it. Your hearing aids came with instructions that tell you how to remove the sound tubes. After you clean it, make certain that there is no liquid left inside. Blow it out using compressed air or a hairdryer on the cool setting. Clean the hearing aids as previously described and make sure to reattach the right and left sound tubes to the corresponding hearing aids.
  • Cleaning your in-ear hearing aids – Remove your hearing aids and avoid letting them come into contact with any solvents or water, which can cause damage to the components. After taking them out, use a hearing aid cleansing wipe. Using your special hearing aid brush, remove earwax deposits daily. Clean them by working your way down from the top so that debris will not get inside of your hearing aids. With in-ear systems, the shell contains the electronics, making them more likely to be damaged from dirt, moisture or earwax.

Professionals will provide you with in-depth information on the proper care of your hearing aids as well as information about specialized sets for drying and cleaning them. When you care for your hearing aids properly, you can enjoy the beautiful sounds the world has to offer for years to come.

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