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Local Resources to Cope with Hearing Loss

Local Resources to Cope with Hearing Loss

Once you have undergone a hearing evaluation and discovered you are suffering from hearing loss, it may be hard to cope with your loss. Your coping needs will likely extend to emotional needs as well as physical. Here at the Hearing & Balance Doctors audiology office, our audiologists have worked with many patients and have developed a list of resources people should have to help them cope with their hearing loss.

Ways To Cope Physically With Hearing Loss

There are changes you will need to make as you cope with your hearing loss. Some of these changes are:

  • Hearing aids – To regain much of your hearing, our audiologists can outfit you with hearing aids. By working with our audiologists, you will receive the best care as they have years of specified training to help those suffering from hearing loss.
  • Watch body language – While a good deal of your hearing can be recouped by using hearing aids, group conversations may be difficult to track. By watching the body language of those you are talking to, you can follow the thread of the conversation more easily.
  • Utilize various tech – Outside of hearing aids, there are many other types of hearing assistance technology. Some kinds of hearing assistance you can use are phone attachments which amplify sound, video captioning, and captioned telephones from providers like CaptionCall which allow you to read the conversations you are having on the phone. Our audiologist can help you select the best technology for your hearing needs.

Methods Of Coping Emotionally With Hearing Loss

A side of hearing loss which is not often discussed is the emotional loss you experience. It can be difficult to adjust to losing some or all of your hearing, so we have gathered some methods to help you cope emotionally with hearing loss.

  • Meet with others with hearing loss – There are chapters of the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) throughout many of the United States. By meeting with others who understand what you’re going through with your hearing loss, you can receive better support and new ideas on how to cope with your hearing loss.
  • Be open with family and friends – Many people with hearing loss feel isolated and misunderstood by their family and friends. Try to be open with the people in your life so they can better understand what you are going through.
  • Be patient with yourself and others – It can be hard to adjust to your altered hearing. Try to be patient with yourself as you adjust to your hearing loss and be understanding of others’ adjustment to your hearing abilities.

It can be difficult to cope with hearing loss, both physically and emotionally. Our audiologists are able to support your hearing loss physical needs and advise you on emotional coping methods. Contact us today and allow us to be one of your local resources which help you through your hearing loss.

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