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Managing Background Noise With Your Hearing Aids

When people first put in their new hearing aids, many are surprised by the background noise they now hear. This is due to the fact that as their hearing loss has progressed, it is likely they haven’t noticed that everyday sounds had become muffled or absent completely. Also, though hearing aid technology has made large amounts of progress, hearing aids are still machines which need the help of audiologists to function at peak ability.

Ways To Manage Hearing Aid Background Noise

There are several hearing aid management techniques which can help you to reduce or eliminate the amount of background noise you are experiencing.

  • Using two hearing aids – Using only one hearing aid at a time can distort the sound you are receiving. You may want to choose to wear two hearing aids to balance the sounds you are hearing.
  • Directional microphones – Some hearing aids come with directional microphones which allow you to focus on the direction you want to hear more clearly. This can be particularly useful in a crowded environment where there is a lot of background noise being made.
  • Auditory training – There are hearing retraining programs which our audiologists can help you to use. This will allow you to train for and filter out noisy environments you may be in.

Another important management technique involves developing communication strategies. Despite best efforts, there will a certain amount of background noise you will have to learn to cope with on a regular basis. Some background noise management techniques which you may want to consider are:

  • Go to restaurants during non-peak hours.
  • Keep speakers in your line of vision so you can follow conversations more easily.
  • Request background music at stores and restaurants be turned down.

Advanced Hearing Aid Technology Can Assist Noise Management

Depending on the hearing aids you are considering, there is a variety of advanced hearing aid technology which is available to help you manage the noise you hear in your hearing aids.

  • Digital signal processing – Hearing aids with digital signal processing are able to determine what sounds are merely background noise and transmit the sound more quietly to your ears than sounds you want to hear, such as conversational voices.
  • FM transmission technology – Particularly useful in lecture halls and other large, noisy environment, the FM transmission tech consists of an FM receiver which works with an FM transmitter. For instance, if a lecturer is using an FM transmitter, you can have the sound piped directly into your FM hearing aid receivers.
  • App-driven sound managers – Some of the newer hearing aid manufacturers like Starkey have developed apps that allow you to create custom sound management programs for your hearing aids. Once the custom program is created, you can adjust your hearing aids with a single tap on the app.

Our audiologists offer hundreds of different hearing aid styles and brands including Starkey, so you can be sure to find the right hearing aids for your needs. Contact us today for an appointment to help you find your perfect hearing aids.

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