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Microphone Directionality Effect On Your Hearing Ability

For years, hearing aids came only with omnidirectional microphones. While this was more effective than the hearing loss people were living with, it could be less effective in situations where it was important for the listener to hone in on a particular conversation. For those looking for hearing aids to help them hear better in this sound-filled world, our audiologists have a wide variety of hearing aids with omnidirectional and directional microphones.

How A Hearing Aid Microphone Direction Affect Hearing

With hearing aids which have an omnidirectional microphone, users receive input from every direction. While this may sound good, it can be very distracting if the user has any interference.

For instance, imagine you are having lunch with friends at a busy cafe. Your omnidirectional hearing aid microphones will not just pick up your friends’ conversation but the talk of everyone around you as well as the sounds of eating, background music, and everything else you are near. However, unlike our natural hearing which will adjust and tune out these sounds so you can focus on your conversation, omnidirectional hearing aids will deliver the conversation and the other noise with equal volume.

Hearing aids with directional microphones can be sensitive to white noise like wind, as the microphone captures all sounds it is pointed at, though this determent can be combatted with app-controlled hearing aids.

Hearing Aids With App-Controlled Directionality

Many modern hearing aid creators have developed hearing aids which can be controlled by an app. One example of this is the hearing aid brand ReSound which has produced the ReSound Smart app. This app allows you to change the microphone hearing scope from an all-around focus to narrower bands, as well as having pre-set setting where you can choose between things like restaurant mode or outdoors.

This ability allows you to take greater control of your own hearing needs as well as providing you with a better overall hearing aid experience.

Where You Can Find The Best Hearing Aids

At the Hearing & Balance Doctors, you can find hundreds of different types of hearing aids. As our audiologists are authorized providers of all the top hearing aids brands, you can be sure to find the latest of all hearing aid technology at our office. So, if you are ready to take greater control of your hearing, contact us today for a hearing aid consultation with our experienced audiologists.

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