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Utah: 435-688-8991 Nevada: 702-896-0031

Patient Experience

josh-and-patientI am 44 years old and I need a hearing aid. In truth I needed a hearing aid back when I was 30. Growing up I always thought of hearing aids as those big clumpy things that old people had in their ears so they could hear and they still had problems hearing even with these devices. With the technological advances in hearing aids, both of these stereotypes are quickly fading. My new hearing aids are hardly noticeable and work great. Although I am happy that my hearing aids are small and not noticeable, I find myself telling people about them and how they have opened a whole new world for me. I can now hear things I haven’t heard in over 15 years. I truly did not know what I was missing. I knew my hearing was bad, but I did not know the small simple sounds I was missing. My right ear has the most hearing loss and this made it difficult to have a conversation with my wife while we were driving. I can now go on long road trips with my wife and have meaningful conversations with her. Why I waited so long is truly a mystery. I guess I always felt like I might be embarrassed to admit I needed a hearing aid. However, this fear is nothing compared to the embarrassment I always felt because I could not hear someone speak or I could not be an active participant in a group meeting. I often would abstain from giving comments in a group setting because I was afraid that I would say something someone else already said that I did not hear. I love my new hearing aids and with the ability to connect them to a smart phone as well as other advances I am also proud of my devices. Hearing aids are cool now!

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