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Real Football Fans Protect Their Hearing

Football season is upon us and that means fans can plan to head for a slew of games, whether they’re rooting for college teams like the Dixie State Trailblazers; treating themselves to an edge-of-your-seat NFL game; or cheering on the athletes at their local high school.

You already know you need to bring a number of necessities to a football game. These include clothing and gear in your team’s colors, a blanket in case it gets cold, a cell phone to take selfies proving you were there and money to buy those exorbitantly-priced concession snacks.

Did you know, however, that you should also bring ear protection? The doctors of audiology at Hearing & Balance Doctors can fit you with customized ear protection so you can enjoy your game in comfort and safety.

How Football Crowd Enthusiasm Threatens Your Hearing

Football players put their bodies on the line each time they step on the field. It’s one reason professional athletes get the big bucks. But football fans also put themselves at risk every time they hit the stands, facing the very real danger of developing hearing loss or tinnitus.

Rallying rock music, shouting umpires, arguing coaches, cheering (and booing) fans and the occasional burst of fireworks: It’s all part of the ambient soundtrack that makes live football exciting.

In fact, there’s an ongoing competition among NFL stalwarts to be the noisiest boosters. So far the honor goes to Kansas City Chief fans who at a 2014 home game roared their support to the tune of 142.2 dB, becoming the loudest football crowd ever recorded

While you may not be in Kansas anymore, the crowd at any NFL game emits a sonic roar averaging between 80 and 90 dB, levels hearing experts classify as hovering between “loud” and “extremely loud.” And it’s quite common for football games to reach noise levels in excess of 100 dB.

The “loud and proud” status of athletic fans is why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cites the noise at sporting events as a risk factor for hearing loss. These decibels in perspective are as follows:

You can suffer hearing loss after 2 hours of exposure to 91 dB of noise. It takes only 15 minutes of exposure to 100 dB of noise to experience hearing damage. When the racket rises to between 105 and 110 dB, hearing loss can occur in less than 5 minutes.

You can download one of several apps providing free sound level meters on your smartphone. You may be surprised at the din made by you and your fellow fans.

Custom Earbuds Are The Best Way For Sports Fans To Keep Their Ears Safe

If you want to continue to enjoy the sounds as well as the sights of your favorite fall sport, you should obtain some ear protection.

You can buy cheap earplugs or molds at a drugstore, but they can be uncomfortable and also fit too loosely to provide real sound protection. Custom earmolds or earbuds offer greater comfort and security. At Hearing & Balance Doctors, we take your ear measurements and discuss your lifestyle with you, so you can choose the perfect ear protection to suit your needs.

If you’re ready to start protecting your hearing with custom ear protection or suspect your superfan status has already led to hearing loss, contact us today to make an appointment with our doctors of audiology.

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