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Steps To Take When Hearing Aids Aren’t Working

Hearing Aids

Your hearing aids play a key role in helping you reconnect with all the sounds around you, so it is understandable that you may be unnerved when they stop working properly. But, before you panic and think that they are broken, our doctors of audiology have some recommended steps you can take to correct hearing aids that have stopped working.

Perform Basic Hearing Aid Maintenance

The first things you should when you discover that your hearing aids are not working properly is to do a few basic maintenance tasks. Some of the key things you should try are:

  • Change out your batteries for fresh ones. Be sure to clean the battery contacts when you exchange the batteries to help ensure a good electrical connection.
  • Clean out any blockage in your receiver or microphone with a hearing aid pick. Earwax and other debris have a tendency to build up and clog hearing aids, particularly In-The-Ear style hearing aids.
  • Check closely for any signs of wear or damage which can indicate that you need hearing aid repairs by our audiologists.

In many cases, by doing these simple things, you can revive your “dead” hearing aids and go about your day.

Try Troubleshooting Your Hearing Aids

Once you have run through the maintenance above and your hearing aids are still not fixed, it is time to try troubleshooting your hearing aids. Various troubleshooting steps we recommend are:

  • Be sure your hearing aids are turned off of the telecoil setting. If the t-coil setting is on in a non-loop system environment, you can be left with distorted hearing.
  • Double-check your volume settings to ensure that it is at the right level for your needs.
  • Change channels to see if you are just on the wrong setting for your current environment.
  • Take out and re-insert your hearing aids to help stop whistling feedback sounds.

Bring Hearing Aids To Hearing & Balance Doctors For Repairs

Sometimes, none of the above steps work to correct your hearing aids. When you have reached this point, it is time to bring your hearing aids into our hearing aid lab at Hearing & Balance Doctors.

Our doctors of audiology have the tools to diagnose what problems your hearing aids, and in many cases, they can repair your hearing aids on-site. If our audiologists are not able to repair them, they can send your hearing aids to the manufacturer for repairs and provide you with a set of loaned hearing aids. That way, you are always able to have better hearing.

To schedule an appointment with one of our audiologists to repair your hearing aids or have your hearing tested for further hearing loss, contact us today.

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