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Hearing & Balance Doctors is currently open. We are taking special measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 including offering a curbside service for hearing aids. Please call 435-688-8991 for more information. Utah: 435-688-8991 | Nevada: 702-896-0031
Hearing & Balance Doctors is currently open. We are taking special measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 including offering a curbside service for hearing aids. Please call 435-688-8991 for more information. Utah: 435-688-8991 | Nevada: 702-896-0031

Thrive Hearing – New App For Starkey Livio AI Hearing Aids


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You may have heard of the latest upgrade to the Starkey hearing aids line, the Livio AI hearing aids since these hearing aids are the first AI hearing aids. But, along with these hearing aids ability to learn your hearing preferences and adjust automatically, you can also pair them with the new Thrive Hearing app from Starkey for even more benefits.

Feel Secure With Livio AI Fall Detection

As many hearing aid users are seniors, our audiologists at Hearing & Balance Doctors have found the fall detection available on the Thrive Hearing app to be particularly helpful.

The fall detection is built into the Livio AI hearing aids and will send out an alert to three people you have selected as contacts in the event of a fall. If the fall isn’t serious, you can contact these people and tell them that you are fine. However, in the event you need help back up but are not injured, this is often a better alternative to calling emergency services.

Also, you don’t have to worry that your fall alert will be triggered if you drop one of your hearing aids. As the Livio AI hearing aids are binaural, they communicate with each other and will be able to identify that only one of them has fallen and it is not you on the ground.

Other Health Benefits Of Livio AI Hearing Aids

There are other engaging health benefits to using the Thrive Hearing app when paired with the Livio AI.

Brain Tracking – Your hearing plays a key role in maintaining your brain health. To help support your cognitive health, the Thrive Hearing app tracks your overall social engagement, how many hours you use your hearing aids, and provides you with an active listening score.

You can use these metrics to determine if you should be engaging in more socialization and/or wearing your hearing aids more often.

Heart Rate – Track your heart rate and recovery from exertion from the Thrive Hearing app. This particular feature may be limited to certain styles of hearing aids, so be sure to discuss it with our doctors of audiology as you determine which Livio AI hearing aids are right for you.

Movement Tracking – The Thrive Hearing app provides you with an overall Body Score by tracking your steps, activity levels, and overall movement. With this information, you can more easily see if you need to be more active or if you are on target.

Utilize The Thrive Assistant

To assist you in using the Thrive Hearing app, you can utilize the Thrive assistant. With the Thrive assistant, you can find answers to questions like “What do I do to adjust my hearing aids’ volume?” The assistant will provide you with help files that relate to your question, allowing you to correct any basic operations issue you may have.

You can also run a quick, at-home diagnostic on your hearing aids. By using this diagnosing feature, you can find out if there is an issue with your hearing aids before making the trek to our hearing offices and potentially discover the solution all on your own.


Enjoy An Array Of Benefits Thanks To The Thrive Hearing App

Between the excellent tech built into the Livio AI hearing aids and the Thrive Hearing app, there are a number of unique benefits you can access when you use this app.


Have your hearing aids adjusted without coming into one of our hearing clinics! With the telehealth option in the Thrive Hearing app, you can request that changes be made to your hearing aids, such as program parameter changes, and our audiologists can make those changes and send the update to your hearing aids.

Once your hearing aids receive the update, they will seamlessly adjust to the new changes you have requested.

Hearing Aid Locator

No one means to lose a hearing aid, but it does happen. When it does, it can be tough to find one or two small hearing aids.

Instead of turning your home upside-down and potentially even stepping on your hearing aids, you can use the Thrive Hearing app to locate your hearing aids. Like playing hot or cold, the signal will become stronger as you get closer to your hearing aids, and weaker as you move away from them.

Custom Hearing Memories

A custom memory on the Thrive Hearing app allows you to save customized hearing settings, which you can connect to a certain location with geotagging, so your hearing aids will always switch to those settings as you enter that area. Or, you can leave it as a saved memory that you can cycle to when you need it.

Remote Control

You can also control the volume of your hearing aids with the Thrive Hearing app. Not only that, but you can fine-tune that control, adjusting how your hearing aids compress the sound to a certain extent.

With the remote control feature, you can also switch between hearing programs made by our hearing health care specialists and the custom memories you have developed.

Audio Streaming

With the help of the Thrive Hearing app, you can easily control streaming, whether it is phone calls or music. Users can also have the digital assistant Siri read their texts or emails into their hearing aids.

Language Translation

An almost science fiction-like feature, the Thrive Hearing app can translate languages for you. When your Livio AI hearing aids capture the words of someone speaking in a foreign language, all you need to do is have the translation section open, and it will display what the speaker is saying in English or your chosen language.

Conversation Transcription

Ever wanted closed-captioning for everyday conversations? Well, with the Thrive Hearing app, you can have just that.

This app will capture the words your hearing aids pick up and transcribe them for you within the app, allowing you to follow conversations more easily.

By working with our doctors of audiology, you can enjoy all of the benefits of the Livio AI hearing aids and Thrive Hearing app. Contact us to start working with one of our doctors of audiology and be that much closer to having your own pair of Livio AI hearing aids.

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