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Use The Hearing Doctors of Southern Utah For Your Hearing Aid Maintenance

Use The Hearing Doctors of Southern Utah For Your Hearing Aid Maintenance

You have been struggling with your hearing for some time and finally bite the bullet and get a hearing aid. Congratulations! You have made a significant step towards improving your quality of life. At The Hearing Doctors of Southern Utah we help thousands of patients a year regain their autonomy with the latest hearing aid technology.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always smooth sailing. Hearing aids can take some adjustments, so here are common problems our patients face when they first get hearing aids.

Hearing Feedback

Feedback can be a disconcerting and even painful problem. It is usually caused by the hearing aid rubbing against something, which causes it to pick up the sounds and send them back into your ear.

This can be fixed by keeping the hearing aid device turned off until it is properly fixed into the ear. This reduces rubbing and so there will be fewer disruptions and amplified sounds.

Collecting Ear Wax

A problem that many patients are embarrassed by, having too much ear wax can be natural for some people. The insertion of a hearing device may even ramp up ear wax production, making the problem worst. If there is too much build up it can affect sound quality.

Make sure to regularly clean out your ears around the opening of the ear canal. If it is a serious problem you can discuss it with your doctor and they can offer products with a balanced hydrogen peroxide solution that can eat away excess wax (do not put hydrogen peroxide directly in the ear without a doctor’s say-so, as it will need to be watered down to protect against causing permanent damage).

Getting Your Device Wet

Sadly there are no 100% waterproof hearing aids on the market. So if you are frequently swimming you may need to remove your device before you get into the water to keep from damaging it.

However, there are some products that are small enough to be placed deeper in the ear. With the use of ear plugs or cotton balls over the opening of the ear you could protect it. Speak to your doctor about options.

Dealing With Volume Issues

Hearing aids aren’t ready straight out of the box, they have to be adjusted for the person who is using them. That is why it is crucial to see a professional audiologist so your aid can be properly calibrated and fitted. It could also be a power problem requiring a new battery.

Volume control is a big part of that adjustment. You may have to go in several times before you find the right balance, so don’t get discouraged!

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