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Visit Hearing Loss Experts In Saint George Utah

Visit Hearing Loss Experts In Saint George Utah

Is your hearing in good shape? One of the common mistakes our patients at our Saint George location make when it comes to their ears is not keeping up with their hearing health. There is a false belief that only those who have reached a certain age need to worry about losing their auditory senses. But the truth is that is happens much sooner and even children could be experiencing symptoms.

Don’t worry, you can curtail any potential issues by catching it early and being aware of these risks. .

Environmental Factors

Did you know that something as simple as street noise can damage your hearing? The decibel level where sound becomes dangerous for human ears is 85 dB. To put that into perspective, a lawnmower reaches around 90 dB, a garbage disposal reaches 80 dB and being within 1 meter of a car horn is 120 dB. Even attending a music concert or nightclub can reach 120 dB or more, which is why after seeing your favorite rock band you may come out with ringing ears that last days.

Genetic Factors

Another reason that people lose their hearing is due to genetic concerns. In fact, if you have family members who have hearing loss you are 35% more likely to develop it yourself. That can be due to sound pollution, sudden noisy situations, age, disease or sickness. If you have hearing loss in your family it is more important than ever to get in for regular checkups with a hearing doctor.

Other Factors

Age is obviously a big concern for hearing. Over time the eardrums can become damaged, or the delicate bones and caverns inside the ear can degrade. Fluid can start to fill up in areas it isn’t supposed to, leading to difficulty making out sounds. Or the nerves that attach to the brain stem can begin to die, so signals can’t reach the necessary lobes for you to interpret sounds.

Infection is another common cause of hearing loss. The ears can become permanently damaged and it is difficult (sometimes impossible) to heal or repair them. Certain drugs may also cause this kind of damage, so be sure you keep an eye on listed side effects and talk to your doctor if you have any concerns.

If you experience hearing loss it may be possible to regain your auditory senses using hearing aids or certain medical procedures. Find out more at HearingDoctors.net.

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