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What happens When You Toss Your Hearing Aid For A Custom Fit Hearing Aid From A Doctor Of Audiology

Getting a hearing aid
is such a relief. After months, or maybe even years of struggle you can finally hear the world around you properly again. No matter what your age, or the reason for the device, it can make you feel like you have control once more, and you can start living your life for the first time since you began to lose your audiological function.

But in spite of things being better, they might not be as great as they could be. There is a noticeable difference between having a general as-is hearing aid and a fitted one.

what-happens-when-you-toss-your-hearing-aid-for-a-custom-fit-hearing-aid-from-a-doctor-of-audiologyUsing a General Hearing Aid

A general hearing aid is one that pretty much comes out of the box, plops onto the ear, and nothing more is done. This usually happens when people choose to purchase their own hearing aid, usually online, because it is cheaper than going through an audiology clinic. With some amplifiers being as low as $50, and decent models of hearing aids as low as $200, it can be tempting.

How Custom Fittings Make All The Difference

Everyone’s ear is different. The shape, size of the canal, damage previously done to the inner chambers, and even the way the outside curves is going to have an impact on the effectiveness of your hearing aid. Because it sits over the canal, having the right fit is very important. An aid bought online won’t give you the option of making sure it sits well.

A fitting with an audiologist allows them to measure along the ear, and get a model that fits perfectly. There won’t be any slips out of place, or dropping from the ear. You don’t have to worry about it scraping or pressing along the bones and causing pain. Everything will sit the way it is supposed to.

Knowing That The Hearing Aid Is Working For You

If your hearing aid fits properly, and the settings are accurate, you will be able to hear quite clearly. Have you ever seen someone with a hearing aid asking people over and over again to repeat themselves? Unless they have severe deafness in that ear, there is a good chance the aid itself has not been properly fitted, or needs to be refitted.

Getting a custom fit is important. Find out more about this and other hearing topics atHearingDoctors.net.

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